Who is the wife of Ayyappa?

Who is the wife of Ayyappa?

Ayyappan temples typically show him as a celibate yogi. A few important temples such as the one at Achankovil Sree Dharmasastha Temple near Travancore, however, depict him as a married man with two wives Poorna and Pushkala, as well as a son Satyaka.

Who is NC Aiyappa?

Neravanda Aiyappa, aka NC Aiyappa (born 19 October 1979), is a former Indian first-class cricketer who played in Ranji Trophy matches for Karnataka. He made his debut in first-class cricket on 2nd December 2001 in a match against Tamil Nadu. Aiyappa is the younger brother of actress Prema.

Is sastha and Ayyappa same?

The temple’s name, Sree Dharma Sastha temple, has been changed following a decision by the Travancore Devaswom Board that manages the Sabarimala temple. The temple was renamed as the board maintained that Lord Ayyappa and Dharma Sastha were two different gods, as opposed to the common belief that they are the same.

Why was Ayyappa born?

According to puranic and oral traditions, Lord Ayyappa was born out of the union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, when the latter was in Mohini form. Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to have destroyed a deadly demon Bhashmasur and acquire the elixir (amrut) for the gods during the great churning of oceans.

Who is Kiratha Sastha?

This deity is alternately referred as Kiratha-Sunu (son of Kirata) in Sanskrit. Vettakkorumakan is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva by his consort Parvathi, born when he assumed the form of a Kirata (hunter) to deliver a weapon known as Pashupathasthra to Arjuna….Vettakkorumakan.

Vettakkoru Makan
Weapon Churika
Region Kerala

Who is Dharmasastha?

Dharmasastha or popularly known as Sastha is a Hindu god, specifically worshipped in South India. It’s actually an adapted or absorbed deity much like many deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Who is the parents of Ayyappa?

A late Sanskrit text describes Ayyappan as the son of Shiva and Vishnu (with the latter in his form as the enchantress Mohini). Abandoned by his parents with but a bell around his neck, he was adopted by a Pantalam king of Kerala, and, soon after, his divinity was recognized and a shrine erected to him.