Who is the CEO of Southern Company?

Who is the CEO of Southern Company?

Thomas A. Fanning (Dec 2010–)Southern Company / CEOThomas A. Fanning is the chairman, chief executive officer and president of Southern Company, the second largest utility company in the United States in terms of customer base, with 9 million gas and electric utility customers served by subsidiaries in nine states. Wikipedia

How long has Tom Fanning been CEO of Southern Company?

Tom Fanning has been chairman, president and CEO of Southern Company since July 2010. Under his leadership, a team 27,000-strong continues to build the future of energy and improve peoples’ lives.

Who is the CFO of Southern Company?

Daniel S. Tucker
Daniel S. Tucker, currently executive vice president, CFO and Treasurer of Georgia Power, will succeed Evans as executive vice president and CFO of Southern Company, effective Sept. 1, 2021. Evans was named executive vice president and CFO in June 2018.

Where is Southern Company headquarters?

Atlanta, GASouthern Company / Headquarters

Who founded Southern Company?

James Mitchell
A century ago, James Mitchell – engineer, builder, entrepreneur, and man of the world – traveled to the American South and made the first big bet for Southern Company. Mitchell was so inspired by the hydro potential of Alabama’s rivers that he dreamed of developing a series of dams to electrify the Southeast.

Is Tom Fanning retiring?

Southern Company announces retirements of president/CEO and chief production officer. Southern Company chief operating officer Thomas A. Fanning announced June 30 several leadership changes in the company’s operations organization.

How many subsidiaries does Southern Company have?

The company is the second largest utility company in the U.S. in terms of customer base, as of 2021. Through its subsidiaries it serves 9 million gas and electric utility customers in 6 states….Southern Company.

Type Public
Area served 6 U.S. states: Alabama Georgia Illinois Mississippi Tennessee Virginia

Is southern a union company?

Southern Union Company was a natural gas utility and energy resources company based in Houston, Texas. In 2012, the company was acquired by Energy Transfer Partners….Southern Union Company.

Industry Petroleum industry
Founded 1929
Founder Clint Murchison, Sr.
Defunct March 26, 2012
Headquarters Houston, Texas

How much does Paul Bowers make?

Executive Compensation As Chairman, President and CEO, Georgia Power at SOUTHERN CO, W. Paul Bowers made $6,068,417 in total compensation.

Who owns southern energy?

SSE is part of the OVO family OVO Energy is the UK’s leading independent energy supplier, with a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to all. Together we supply energy to almost 5 million households across the UK, as well as offering other home services including heating and boiler cover and phone and broadband.