Who is Stanley Coleman sh3?

Who is Stanley Coleman sh3?

There’s not a single person here who’s right in the head. Not just in this hospital — I mean in all of Silent Hill. Stanley Coleman is a former Brookhaven Hospital patient referenced in Silent Hill 3.

How do you open the hospital box in Silent Hill 2?

The Box Puzzle is a a puzzle in Silent Hill 2 that involves a heavily locked box in the Brookhaven Hospital. This box is located on the Third Floor in room S14….To open the box, you’ll need four things:

  1. Lapis Eye Key.
  2. “Imprint on Carbon Paper” Code.
  3. “Tern tern tern the numbers” Code.
  4. Purple Bull Key.

Who is Leonard in Silent Hill?

Leonard is an intelligent monster / boss in Silent Hill 3. You’ll find him at the end of the otherworld Brookhaven Hospital. Heather and Leonard hold conversations about god, paradise, and The Order while in the Brookhaven Hospital.

Where is the Purple Bull Key in Silent Hill 2?

The “Purple Bull” Key is found in the document room on the first floor of Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2. It can be retrieved after reading a doctor’s journal. It isn’t shaped like a normal key, but rather a key card or a token, with notches cut into the bottom.

What do you do with your Hair in Silent Hill 2?

The Piece of Hair is an important item found in Brookhaven Hospital. Solve the Box Puzzle to obtain it. Use the Bent Needle with the Piece of Hair in the Shower Room to get the Elevator Key.

Who called Heather Silent Hill 3?

On the third floor, Heather is phoned by Leonard Wolf, Claudia’s father, resentful of his own daughter and willing to help Heather stop her. However, upon the two meeting, Leonard becomes hostile when he realizes that Heather is not a member of the Order.

Who is Harry Masons wife?

Jodie Mason
Jodie Mason is the late wife of Harry Mason and the adoptive mother of Cheryl Mason.

Why is Angela in Silent Hill?

Being in a state of emotional turmoil afterwards due to being the target of a murder investigation, with no one to turn to and nowhere else to go, Angela was called to Silent Hill in order to try to find her missing mother, her final hope.