Who is rishi Dhamala in Nepal?

Who is rishi Dhamala in Nepal?

He hosts the Nepal Bani Network’s Bani Bahas and writes features and articles in newspapers, and also edits his own online newsportals….

Rishi Dhamala
Native name ऋषि धमला
Born Durga Raj Dhamala Dhading District, Nepal
Occupation Journalist
Language Nepali

Who is the wife of Rishi Dhamala?

Aliza GautamRishi Dhamala / Wife

When rishi Dhamala married?

He was born on 12 November 1964 and his age is 57 years old. And his wife ALiza Gautam Dhamala is 28 years old. So, Rishi dhamala and his wife age gap is 28 years. He is father of son “Arik” and daughter “Arika”….Rishi Dhamala | Biography, Wife, Age, Height, Interviews.

Name Rishi Dhamala
Wife Aliza Gautam
Son Arik
Daughter Arika
Affiliation Reporter’s Club Nepal

What is the qualification of Rabi lamichhane?

He completed ‘SLC level’ education from ‘Bhrikuti Secondary School’ and high school from ‘Ratna Rajya Campus’. And for his further studies, he moved to the USA. Similarly he studied up-to master’s degree in journalism and mass communication.

Who is Punya Gautam?

Punya Prasad Gautam was born in Nijgadh, Bara, as the youngest son of mother Himadevi and father Rudra Prasad Gautam in 2034 BS. He spent his childhood as a commoner, working in the fields, collecting firewood and grass, and had come to Kathmandu after experiencing the village’s joys and sorrows.

What is the age of Rabi lamichhane?

47 years (September 5, 1974)Rabi Lamichhane / Age

What age Rajesh Hamal got married?

Hamal is currently married to Madhu Bhattarai. They first met at the Lux Beauty Pageant in 2004. Hamal had proposed Bhattarai on 14 May, then he got married on 24 May 2014 in a private wedding ceremony on Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu.

What happened Rabi lamichhane?

Rabi Lamichhane resigned from News24 in January and has announced the launch of a new version of his show on the new Galaxy 4K television. Currently, Rabi Lamichhane is Managing Director of Galaxy 4K television. He runs the show named ‘Sidha kura with Rabi Lamich2ane’ every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Who is Rabi lamichhane in Nepal?

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese television presenter who set the world record for hosting the longest-ever television talk show broadcast on April 2013. The show was mainly on the theme ‘Buddha Was Born In Nepal. He was born on 14 September 1974 at Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Who is puniya Gautam?

Punya Gautam was born in 2034 BS in Nijgadh of Bara as the youngest son of mother Himadevi and father Rudra Prasad Gautam. He has spent his childhood like a common man working in the fields, collecting firewood, grass, and has come here after experiencing the joys and sorrows of the village.