Who is Capco owned by?

Who is Capco owned by?


Industry Management Consulting, IT Consulting
Key people Lance Levy (CEO)
Number of employees 6,500+
Parent Wipro
Website www.capco.com

What makes Capco different?

Capco has a tolerant, open culture that values diversity, inclusivity and creativity. By putting people at the heart of our agenda, we foster a work environment where you can grow personally and professionally, while being able to be yourself at work.

Is Capco acquired by Wipro?

Since Wipro’s March 4, 2021, announcement to acquire Capco, the London-based global management and technology consultancy that provides digital, consulting, and technology services to financial institutions, for US$1.45 billion, reaction has been mixed as to whether it will deliver the synergies and earnings growth …

What do Capco consultant do?

Capco Consulting combines industry innovation and technology solutions with deep domain, regulatory and consulting expertise to solve complex business challenges. Our global, cross-functional teams collaborate with clients to develop tailored solutions across strategy, design, and end-to-end delivery.

Is Capco a large company?

We are a global team of more than 5,000 strong and we are at an exciting moment on our journey, with an opportunity to build on the strong platform we have created. With 32 offices globally, we are positioned in our industry as a highly respectable and credible alternative to the largest global consultancies.

Why is Capco a good company?

Good company with great people Capco has a great work culture. The management team is very helpful and always proactive. The pay and benefits are good and there’s possibility of fast advancement.

Which company took over Wipro?

It was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oils in Amalner, Maharashtra, British India, under the trade names of Kisan, Sunflower, and Camel. In 1966, after Mohamed Premji’s death, his son Azim Premji took over Wipro as its chairman at the age of 21.

Is Capco a part of Wipro?

When Wipro announced the acquisition of London-headquartered Capco, which provides digital, consulting and technology services in BFSI sector for $1.45 billion, analysts saw this as a positive provided the integration went on well.