Who is Audio Adrenaline?

Who is Audio Adrenaline?

Originally known as A-180, Audio Adrenaline officially got its start in 1986 when a group of students from Kentucky Christian University decided to play music together. Led by long-time lead singer, Mark Stuart, the band has endured many changes over the decades but continues to produce powerful, mission-driven music.

What is Audio Adrenaline’s Big House?

While Audio Adrenaline’s fan base was definitely growing, it was their Grammy Award-winning single “Big House,” that put them on the map and scored them one of the biggest songs in Christian music history. The band would go on to release Some Kind of Zombie (1997) and a greatest hits album Hit Parade in 2001.

Why did Audio Adrenaline break up?

The band gained recognition during the 1990s and received two Grammy Awards and multiple Dove Awards. Audio Adrenaline were regular performers at the annual Creation Festival, Spirit West Coast festival, Agape Music Festival, and Alive Festival. In 2007, the group disbanded due to lead singer Mark Stuart ‘s spasmodic dysphonia.

How many albums has Audio Adrenaline released?

During this time, they released eight studio albums. After a hiatus, the band reformed in 2012 with only bassist Will McGinniss returning from the original line-up. The new Audio Adrenaline was fronted by Kevin Max, formerly of DC Talk, as the new lead vocalist. This new line-up released Kings & Queens on March 12, 2013.

Is Audio Adrenaline a good CCM band?

With their fusion of rock, rap and funk, Audio Adrenaline emerged as one of the most popular CCM acts of the 1990s. Formed in 1986 on the campus of Kentucky Christian College, the band originally featured lead vocalist Mark Stuart, guitarist Barry Blair, bassist Will McGinnis, keyboardist Bob Herdman, and drummer Brian Hayes.