Who does Ryuuichi have a crush on?

Who does Ryuuichi have a crush on?

Ushimaru Yuki
Ushimaru Yuki is a student in Ryuuichi and Hayato Kamitani’s class at Morinomiya Academy with a crush on Ryuuichi.

Who is Ryuuichi girlfriend?

[Kashima Ryuuichi x Reader] /She, her/ (Y/n), Ryuuichi’s girlfriend, is a big help for him. She’s always there for him and helps him take care of Kotaro after his parents died. He’s really grateful that she came to his life, and becoming her one and only lover.

How old is Kotaro Gakuen babysitters?

INTRODUCTION • Kotaro Kashima is a 2-year-old boy from the Japanese anime School Babysitters. His name means “tiger” in Japanese, so he often wears a sweater with a tiger on it.

Is School Babysitters good anime?

Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters) is a mixture of all these elements and the outcome is just delightful. Easy going, chill, funny and enjoyable to watch, it is definitely an anime that puts you in a great mood (except for some weepy moments that hit you right in the feels).

Is there romance in Gakuen babysitters?

There is romance involved in both, but it GB it is more about classmates liking the MC (who is in highschool) and him being too focused on being a babysitter to ever notice. Both deal with small adorable children and the hijinks that ensue around them.

Does Ryu like Inomata?

After repeatedly meeting Ryuuichi, it becomes clear that she has developed a crush on him (though she does not know it), even going so far as to try to make him Valentine’s chocolates. It is through their mutual affection for Ryuuichi that Ushimaru and herself become friends.

Who does Kashima Ryuuichi marry?

Maria Inomata | Gakuen Babysitters Wiki | Fandom.

In what anime is Kotaro?

Kotaro is a toddler who loves his older brother and sticks with him. He is taken care of in the babysitter club where he gets along with the other kids his age. He is overall the most quiet of the infants, and is often expressionless in dangerous or even comical situations.

Are Kotaro and Ryu siblings?

Kotaro Kashima is one of the main protagonists and is the younger brother of Ryuuichi.

How old do you have to be to watch Gakuen babysitters?

AKA: 学園ベビーシッターズ ; Gakuen Babysitters. Distributor: Currently available streaming on crunchyroll. Content Rating: PG-13 (Mild fanservice, mature situations.)

What anime should I watch after Gakuen babysitters?

If you enjoyed the high-school related comedy of Gakuen Babysitters, the romance and the cuteness then you should definitely check out Aishiteruze Baby, a classic and very nostalgic title.

Is there romance in Gakuen baby sitters?