Who are the new characters on Flash?

Who are the new characters on Flash?

The Flash: Every Character That is Returning For Season 8

  • 4 Carmen Moore as Kristen Kramer.
  • 5 Brandon McKnight As Chester Runk.
  • 6 Kayla Compton As Allegra Garcia.
  • 7 Danielle Nicolet As Cecile Horton.
  • 8 Jesse L.
  • 9 Danielle Panabaker As Caitlin Snow.
  • 10 Candice Patton As Iris West-Allen.
  • 11 Grant Gustin As Flash.

Who is the new guy on The Flash?

Actor Jordan Fisher has joined the cast of The Flash in a key role as Bart Allen, Barry Allen’s son. There is about to be a new Flash in Central City. The CW has added actor Jordan Fisher to the cast of The Flash season 7. The actor is set to take on the role of Bart Allen, the son of Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen.

Who is the new speedster in Flash season 2?

So who is this mysterious speedster? Her name is Trajectory, which is also the title of the episode, and she’ll be the first female speedster that The Flash has introduced us to (although with Jesse Quick now on Earth-1, perhaps we’ll be getting another one sooner than we think).

Who plays in The Flash season 2?

The Flash (season 2)

The Flash
Starring Grant Gustin Candice Patton Danielle Panabaker Carlos Valdes Keiynan Lonsdale Tom Cavanagh Jesse L. Martin
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23

Has Grant Gustin left The Flash?

According to Deadline, Grant Gustin is finalizing a new contract to return to The Flash for Season 9, but it would only be for one year rather than a multi-season deal. This new contract could see the actor netting upwards of $200,000 per episode, and he’s also reportedly “capped his involvement” at 15 episodes.

Has Caitlin left The Flash?

Is Danielle Panabaker leaving The Flash? No, Danielle Panabaker is not leaving The Flash. Though Frost may be behind bars, the OG Team Flash star will be sticking around as Caitlin Snow.

Who is the new black character on The Flash?

Wallace West (character)

Wallace West
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Flash (vol. 4) Annual #3 (June 2014)
Created by Van Jensen Robert Venditti Ron Frenz Brett Booth
In-story information

Who is Flash villain 7?

The Flash season seven finale brought back Barry’s arch-nemesis, Eobard Thawne, in a surprise twist, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, the Flash’s greatest enemy isn’t another speedster. It’s the show itself.

Who is the female speedster?

Eliza is the first female speedster to appear in the Arrowverse. Eliza appeared in only one episode, making her the speedster with the shortest run of appearances in the Arrowverse. Edward Clariss/The Rival technically appeared in two episodes, though one primarily focused on his Flashpoint counterpart.

Who is the female Flash in The Flash?


Character Portrayed by
Barry Allen / The Flash Grant Gustin
Iris West-Allen Candice Patton
Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost / Frost Danielle Panabaker

Is Cisco Ramon leaving Flash?

Why Carlos Valdes is leaving The Flash as Cisco Ramon In a recent Entertainment Weekly (EW) feature, Valdes was asked exactly why he decided to step away from the role. He said: “I’m the child of an immigrant, so my whole ethos is “earn your place or card” and I think that’s what I did for a long time.