Which was one of the most popular show of Vividh Bharti?

Which was one of the most popular show of Vividh Bharti?

It presents a mix of film music, skits, short plays and interactive programmes, Some of the old popular programmes of Vividh Bharati are ‘Sangeet Sarita’, ‘Bhule Bisre Geet’, Hawa Mahal, ‘Jaimala’, ‘Inse Miliye’, ‘Chhaya Geet’ etc., are still distinctly recognized by the listeners.

How many Centres of Vividh Bharti are in India?

37 Vividh Bharati Centers
Vividh Bharati with its wide network consisting of 37 Vividh Bharati Centers and some Local Radio Stations now reaches more than 97% population of this country.

In which year was Vividh Bharati channel started?

The total number of radio sets in India at that time was about 275,000. On 3 October 1957, the Vividh Bharati Service was launched, to compete with Radio Ceylon.

How was name Akashvani?

On 8th June 1936 it was renamed, as ‘All India Radio (AIR)’. After Independence, AIR became an integral part of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (India). Initially, it broadcasted Governmental programmes and schemes. It was named as ‘Akashvani’ on the suggestion of the famous poet Pandit Narendra Sharma.

What is the frequency of Vividh Bharati radio?

Commuters can enjoy the channel on their cellphones on frequency 102.8 FM. Vividh Bharati has the largest collection of film and non-film songs in the country, and crores of fans for this reason. It is this channel of All India Radio that reaches 99% of India’s population.

How many radio programs exist in India?

As of December 2018, there are more than 369 operational private radio stations in more than 101 cities and towns across India. The Government of India-owned All India Radio has about 450 FM stations covering 39% of the area and 52% of the population of India.

Who has given the name akashavani to All India Radio?

Rabindranath Tagore
On June 8 that year, the Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS) was renamed All India Radio, Rabindranath Tagore rechristened it as Akashvani, the voice that comes over from the skies, through a poem penned in 1938 for the inauguration of Calcutta’s shortwave service.

Who named All India Radio akashvani?

MANGALORE: According to Wikipedia, Rabindranath Tagore coined the word Akashavani, which found wide acceptance only after 1956.