Which city is Santa Ponsa in?

Which city is Santa Ponsa in?

Santa Ponsa (Catalan and officially: Santa Ponça) is a small town in the southwest of Mallorca. Located in the municipality of Calvià, it is 18 kilometres from the capital Palma….Santa Ponsa.

Santa Ponsa Santa Ponça (in Catalan) Santa Ponsa (in Spanish)
Postal code 07180
Dialling code 971

What is Santa Ponsa like in Majorca?

Its large blue flag beach is the main attraction here, a wide, long stretch of silky soft white sand lined by a lively promenade. Santa Ponsa is a family-friendly resort but welcomes a whole host of age groups due to being well equipped with restaurants, bars, shops and all sorts of activities for holidaymakers.

Is Santa Ponsa like Magaluf?

Santa Ponsa, although less ‘full-on’ than Magaluf and Palma Nova, still has lots to offer in the way of eating and entertainment choices. The resort caters very much for the British taste and there are lots of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Is Santa Ponsa good?

Santa Ponsa can be what you want it to be. There are places where it is loud and rowdy, and also other places that are good for families and couples. The beach is beautiful, and it is in a very good psoition for transport to other places on the island if that is what you fancy.

Does Santa Ponsa have an old town?

There is the old Santa Ponsa with its many apartment buildings, the hotels, the touristic beach and High Street and Nova Santa Ponsa, which was developed only a few decades ago, and has become one of the nicest and most popular residential areas in Mallorca.

Does Santa Ponsa have a promenade?

It has a wonderful sandy beach – Playa de Santa Ponsa, a couple of picturesque coves and a lively promenade. It’s also close to the mountains, which means lots of hiking and cycling opportunities.

Is Santa Ponsa a party place?

Like the rest of the nightlife in Santa Ponsa, you’ll find the bars offer something for everyone. There are several fun pubs, many with an Irish theme, that host party nights, live music and in-house DJs.

What is the population of Santa Ponsa?

Its population census is of 2.437 inhabitants.

How much is a taxi from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf?

€11 – €14
What is the fastest way to get from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf? The fastest way to get from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf is to taxi which takes 9 min and costs €11 – €14.

Does Santa Ponsa have a strip?

The main strip of Santa Ponsa, which is called Ramon de Montcada is the liveliest area of the resort and there are wide range of dining and wining opportunities for the holidaymakers.