Where is the paint code on a Toyota Land Cruiser?

Where is the paint code on a Toyota Land Cruiser?

The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. The code will have a C/TR in front of it. A typical code will look like C/TR: 1D4/FH13, and 1D4 would be the color code in this example.

What colors does the Toyota Land Cruiser come in?

This year, the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser comes in 4 different paint color options:

  • Blizzard Pearl.
  • Classic Silver Metallic.
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic.
  • Midnight Black Metallic.

Why is Toyota Land Cruiser ending?

The reason behind Toyota stopping their sales of the Land Cruiser has to do with competition. The US market for large SUVs has tight competition. Each automaker is putting the most amount of features with the least amount of price, and the Land Cruiser does not sit along with those terms.

What is the most luxurious Land Cruiser?

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Sahara ZX
The Toyota LandCruiser 300 Sahara ZX is the most luxurious version of the new LandCruiser 300, with seating for five. What does it cost? $138,790 (excluding on-road costs).

Are Land Cruisers still made?

After over 60 years of off-road adventures, the Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued, making 2021 the vehicle’s last model year. For current Land Cruiser owners, rest assured that you’ll still receive top-quality service from your local Toyota Service Center.

What is the rarest Land Cruiser?

The FJ45LV may be one of the rarest Toyota Land Cruisers ever made, with only 5,000 units made in total and just 1,000 left-hand drive units imported into the U.S. This particular model was originally purchased by a Montanan who sought to restore the car with all original parts; he eventually sold the unfinished …

Why is Land Cruiser so expensive?

The increased demand for the LandCruiser has “exceeded the expectations” of Toyota Australia, and an exhausted supply of the large four-wheel-drive has only served to further push prices higher.