Where is the lightsaber kid now?

Where is the lightsaber kid now?

Now in his early 20s, Ghyslain Raza has certainly become more than just the “Star Wars Kid.” He is getting his law degree at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and back in his hometown, Ghyslain Raza is President of the “Patrimoine Trois-Rivières” – a conservation society aiming to preserve the cultural heritage of …

What happened to Starwars kids?

Star Wars Kid was a 14-year-old from Canada who recorded himself doing a load of Star Wars style choreography with what looks like a curtain rail. His name is Ghyslain Raza and he’s now an adult.

How old is the Star Wars Kid?

Star Wars Kid is a viral video made in 2002 by Ghyslain Raza in which he wields a golf ball retriever in imitation of Darth Maul’s lightsaber moves from the film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, hence the name. At the time, Raza was a 15-year-old high school student from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada.

Does George Michael Bluth have a kid?

Together with his wife Lucille Bluth, they welcomed two sons into the world: George Oscar “G.O.B.” Bluth and Michael Bluth. They also adopted Lindsay at age three.

What was the first viral video?

Santa (1995). Brian Graden sent copies of Jesus vs. Santa to several of his friends, and from there it was copied and distributed, including on the internet, where it became one of the first viral videos.

Who is the fat Star Wars Kid?

Ghyslain Raza
Ghyslain Raza unwittingly became the first Internet video superstar when some classmates uploaded some stolen video of Raza practicing his light saber moves. So what happened to the fat kid who got humiliated by over a billion views of his private Jedi moment?

Where does Lucille Bluth live?

Balboa Towers
Balboa Towers is an apartment complex where Lucille Bluth, George Bluth, and Buster Bluth lived in a penthouse for several years. Lucille Austero lives in the penthouse opposite the Bluths’.

Who is George Michael Bluth mom?

Tracey Bluth
Tracey Bluth is Michael’s deceased wife and George Michael’s mother. Her death is what drives Michael to pursue a stronger relationship with their son George Michael. It is revealed that prior to her death, she was in a coma for several months. She died of ovarian cancer in the Bluth family beach cottage.

Who is Lucille blue?

Lucille Bluth (née Lucille Jenkins) is the wife of George Bluth, mother of G.O.B., Michael, Lindsay, Buster, and Annyong Bluth, and grandmother of George Michael, Maeby and Steve Holt. She is also mother-in-law to both Tobias Fünke and the deceased Tracey Bluth.

What did Lucille Bluth drink?

Say what you will about her parenting skills, but Lucille Bluth is undeniably a champion drinker. Most of her snide wit is delivered over the rim of a Vodka Martini or between glasses of wine. She even delivers snarky air quotes with a drink in hand.