Where is the gay scene in Hawaii?

Where is the gay scene in Hawaii?

Oahu. Oahu, and specifically Hawaii’s capital city Honolulu is a thriving center of gay culture in the state. Sunbathe at one of the local Waikiki beaches, embark on a rainforest hike outside of the city, or head to the ocean for some water sports. History buffs don’t miss out on visiting Pearl Harbor!

Is Waikiki gay friendly?

Sporting several gay bars, restaurants and TAG-approved, LGBT-friendly hotels, gay Waikiki is the place to be! The Oahu gay scene is primarily centered in Honolulu and the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu is a popular tourist destination for LGBT travel and straight tourists alike.

Is Oahu gay friendly?

With some of the best beaches, tropical climates, and fun in the sun, Oahu is one of the best gay-friendly spots among the Hawaiian islands. Between the Waikiki beaches, the USS Memorial Arizona, and rainforest hikes, you can find something for the adventurous traveler or the laid-back beach bum on Oahu.

What is the gay neighborhood in Honolulu?

Waikiki Beach
World-famous Waikiki Beach doubles as the epicentre of gay Honolulu. From Queen’s Surf Beach (Honolulu’s famed gay beach) to a healthy smattering of gay bars and nightclubs, come for a tantalizing tropical getaway deserving of its rank as one of the world’s friendliest LGBTQ cities.

Is Hilo gay friendly?

Having one of the oldest established tourism areas in the Hawaiian Islands, Hilo boasts a bustling business area with plenty for LGBT travelers and tourists to see and do, including several shopping center, bar, restaurants and cafes, a number of movie theaters and of course hotels.

Is St John LGBT friendly?

LGBT Scene in St. John. The island is called “Love City” by the locals, it is known to be friendly to gays, even those who openly practice their love. However, the islands size stops it from having any raging gay bars or sections of the island dedicated to LGBT communities.

Is there a gay beach on Oahu?

Queen Surf Beach – Waikiki, Oahu Queen Surf Beach Is Really The Only Known Gay Beach in Hawaii. It Is Located On the Eastern Side of Waikiki Beach Towards Diamond Head and Kapiolani Park.

Is Kauai gay friendly?

Kauai’s hotels are extremely diverse and welcoming, but the Poipu Plantation Resort is an especially gay-popular B&B located just steps from Poipu Beach. While people on the island of Kauai are overwhelmingly accepting, the culture here is not as keen on public displays of affection regardless of sexual orientation.

Is there a gay beach in Hawaii?