Where is the best college to learn car mechanics?

Where is the best college to learn car mechanics?

Top 20 Auto Mechanic Schools

  • University of Northwestern Ohio.
  • Montana State University Northern.
  • Ferris State University.
  • Weber State University.
  • Southern Adventist University.
  • Utah Valley University.
  • Brigham Young University-Idaho.
  • Walla Walla University.

What course is automotive in college?

Bachelor of Mechanical Technology (BMT) major in Automotive Technology.

How many years is an automotive course?

This 2-year course covers the TESDA National Certification ( After the series of classroom and workshop sessions, the competitiveness of students is ensured by the extensive on-the-job training at Toyota dealership. Qualifications: Application must: Be a high school graduate.

What is the degree of automotive technology?

This curriculum is designed to educate and train personnel to fill the mechanical, technical, and supervisory positions in the automotive industry. Successful completion of the program leads to the degree of Associate in Applied Science.

Is automotive technology a good career?

Being an automotive Technician is a great career option if you are passionate about automobiles, love working practically, and have a knack for problem-solving. Automotive technician jobs can offer a decent salary, work diversity, and job satisfaction.

Why did you choose automotive course?

The skills and knowledge you will gain while earning your automotive degree are in high demand. Employers are begging for qualified people who can solve problems, understand how things work, deal with people, and maintain a high level of integrity. You could be just the person they are looking for!

Why should I study automotive?

Why do I need to study automotive?

Students can also get involved in designing and constructing all kinds of automobiles: from large industrial equipment to the latest in sports car design. People who study automotive technology have good job security because all vehicles are bound to need repairs throughout their driving life.