Where is merella Fernandez now?

Where is merella Fernandez now?

In her spare time, she serves as a mentor for immigrants who want to work in Canadian media, tutors inner-city youth, and hosts a show in Toronto honouring the accomplishments of new Canadians.

Who is the new CTV news anchor?

Todd Battis
Todd Battis named chief anchor, CTV News at Six With decades of experience in the industry, Todd Battis brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as CTV News Atlantic’s editorial leader.

What channel is CTV in Canada?

Where to find CTV News Channel on your cable or satellite service

City Channel #
Bell TV 501
Cogeco – (Burlington, Oakville) 70
Cogeco – Hamilton 24

Does CTV have a news channel?

CTV News Channel is a Canadian specialty news channel owned by Bell Media (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada). It broadcasts national and international news headlines, breaking news, and information.

What ethnicity is Angie Seth?

For Canadian news personality, Angie Seth, that education is life-long and one she hopes will make both her daughters stronger women. Seth, a South Asian woman has two daughters, one from a previous South Asian marriage and the other with her current husband who is Serbian.

What nationality is Angie Seth?

Angie was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her parents came to Canada in 1971 with a dream to build a solid future for their children and to help those in need. Their hard work and dedication has always been a driving force in Angie’s pursuit to becoming a journalist.

Who are the news anchors on CTV Edmonton?

CTV News Edmonton Team

  • Anchors. Erin Isfeld. Carmen Leibel. Geoff Hastings. Nahreman Issa.
  • Weather. Josh Classen. Cory Edel.
  • Journalists. Sean Amato. Amanda Anderson. David Ewasuk. Carlyle Fiset.
  • Digital Journalists. Alex Antoneshyn. Erin Bezovie. Matthew Black. Steven Dyer.
  • CTV Morning Live. Ziyah Karmali. Kent Morrison. Cory Edel.

What is Tom Brown doing now?

He is the weather anchor for CTV News Toronto. Tom Brown is the most important weather anchor in Toronto, providing weather reports for CTV News and CTV News at 6 o’clock every day. Brown joined CTV News Toronto in 2004.

Who is replacing Steve Murphy on the news?

Veteran CTV News Reporter Todd Battis has been announced as the next Anchor for the CTV News at 6. Todd takes over for the legendary Steve Murphy who was in the chair from 1993 until this past November 30th.

What channel is CTV Calgary on Shaw?

Where to find CTV News Channel on your cable or satellite service

Bell TV 501
Shaw – Calgary 50
Shaw Direct Classic 391/ 93 advance
Telus – Calgary 92