Where is Clarence Delgado now?

Where is Clarence Delgado now?

Clarence Delgado started his career in the entertainment industry as part of the ABS-CBN Star Circle Quest 2011. Later, he became one of the hosts of the kid show Goin’ Bulilit. He appeared in some of the top-rating telenovelas of the same station. In 2021, he made the big move and he is now with GMA Artist Center.

How old is Clarence bulilit?

17 years (December 15, 2004)Clarence Delgado / Age

Who are the members of Goin Bulilit?

Kathryn Bernardo, fifth batch graduate. Sharlene San Pedro, seventh batch graduate. Izzy Canillo, twelfth batch graduate….Thirteenth batch (February 25, 2018)

  • Bea Basa (2011–2018)
  • Clarence Delgado (2011–2018; moved to Sparkle GMA Artist Center)
  • Mitch Naco (2014–2018, graduated to Team Yey!)

How old is Harvey Bautista?

18 years (August 16, 2003)Harvey Bautista / Age

How old is Clarence Delgado now?

How old is Marco masa?

14 years (2007)Marco Masa / Age

Did Goin Bulilit end?

August 4, 2019Goin’ Bulilit / Final episode date

Who is the director of Goin Bulilit?

Edgar Mortiz

Goin’ Bulilit
Directed by Edgar Mortiz Badjie Mortiz Frasco Mortiz
Starring See cast
Opening theme “Goin’ Bulilit” theme song
Country of origin Philippines

How old is Harvey from Goin Bulilit?

18 years (August 16, 2003)Harvey Bautista / Age
Harvey Bautista was born on August 16, 2003 in Quezon City, Philippines. He has been a part of the ABS-CBN’s children gag show, Goin’ Bulilit, since year 2011.

Who is Harvey Bautista dad?

Herbert BautistaHarvey Bautista / FatherHerbert Constantine “Bistek” Maclang Bautista is a Filipino actor and politician who served as mayor of Quezon City, the Philippines’ largest city by population, from 2010 to 2019. Wikipedia

What is the age of Marco gumabao?

27 years (August 14, 1994)Marco Gumabao / Age

How old is Raikko?

13 years (2008)Raikko Mateo / Age