Where has Kevin Hayes BEEN?

Where has Kevin Hayes BEEN?

The Rangers re-signed Hayes to a one-year contract on July 30, 2018, and he was on the way to his best offensive season in the NHL with 42 points in 51 games when New York traded him to the Winnipeg Jets on Feb. 25, 2019.

Where is Kevin Hayes for the Flyers?

Flyers’ Kevin Hayes makes emotional return to Boston for the first time since his brother Jimmy Hayes’ death.

How old is Kevin Hayes?

29 years (May 8, 1992)Kevin Hayes / Age

How tall is Kevin Hayes?

6′ 5″Kevin Hayes / Height

Where did Kevin Hayes go to college?

Boston CollegeKevin Hayes / College

Where did Kevin Hayes go to high school?

Noble and Greenough School
Boston College
Kevin Hayes/Education

Why is Kevin Hayes not playing tonight?

Hayes underwent a procedure on his adductor region Tuesday and will miss at least the next three weeks. Hayes underwent core-muscle surgery last offseason and this procedure may be a result of that nagging issue. He’ll now be out until at least early February after already missing 18 games this season.

What was Kevin Hayes injury?

An abdominal injury has wreaked havoc on the Flyers’ second-line center since last season. Prior to the start of this season, Hayes had to undergo two abdominal surgeries in fewer than four months. In January, he underwent another procedure to drain fluid from the adductor region (core area).

Did Bryan Hayes play hockey?

Bryan Hayes played hockey before joining the family business. He played triple-A in Mississauga and earned a place with the Barrie Colts as a teenager, recording precisely one assist in 47 regular-season games with the OHL franchise.

When was Kevin Hayes drafted?

June 3, 2019Philadelphia Flyers
February 25, 2019Winnipeg Jets2014New York Rangers
Kevin Hayes/Dates joined

What happened Hayes brother?

Former NHL player Jimmy Hayes, whose younger brother, Kevin, is in his third season with the Flyers, died with cocaine and fentanyl in his system, according to his widow. Hayes was pronounced dead at his Massachusetts home Aug. 23 at the age of 31.

How many siblings does Kevin Hayes have?

Jimmy HayesKevin Hayes / Siblings