Where are flame arrestors required?

Where are flame arrestors required?

Flame arrester location in the process They are usually defla- gration flame arresters, and are commonly installed on atmospheric-pressure storage tanks, process vessels, and transportation containers.

When should a flame arrestor be installed?

18.3. 4.1 Some Useful Guidelines. 1. Every point of discharge of methane from a pipeline into the atmosphere or into a compressor or pump should be fitted with a flame arrestor.

What is the difference between a flame arrestor and a detonation arrestor?

Vent-Line/In-Line flame arresters may be installed at some maximum distance (specified by the manufacturer) from the end of a section of open vent piping. Detonation arresters are designed so that they may be installed anywhere in a flammable vapors piping system.

What is a flame arrestor used for?

A flame arrester (also spelled arrestor), deflagration arrester, or flame trap is a device that stops fuel combustion by extinguishing the flame.

What is a flame arrester in ship?

The flame arrester is a device used in a different piping system to stop and defuse propagating flame fronts. Also called the Flame Arrestor or just arrester; it simply allows the passage of gas but stops flames to pass through. Thus avoiding risks of major fire explosions.

What is the other term for flame arrestor?

A flame arrester may also be known as a deflagration arrester or a flame trap.

How does a spark arrestor work?

Spark arresters work on the principle of trapping or pulverizing carbon particles that have a diameter greater than 0.023 in. The most common type of spark arrester will trap carbon particles in the exhaust system. It works by screening the larger carbon particles out of the exhaust.

Can flame arrestor fail?

Grossel (2002) stated that conditions exceeding the flame arrestor’s design parameters even by a small amount will lead to flame propagation past the arrestor. Roussakis (1991) stated that pressure conditions falling below the flame arrestor design point by 10% can also fail the arrestor.