When did Pantiles Bagshot close?

When did Pantiles Bagshot close?

The Pantiles nightclub and restaurant closed in 2007 and the site razed. A retirement home has now been built on the site.

Where was Pantiles Bagshot?

According to Christopher Hjort’s excellent Strange Brew book, promoters Philip Hayward and John Mansfield opened the old inn Pantiles as a bar and music venue in July 1967 after they gave up their chain of Ricky Tick clubs.

What did Pryzm used to be called?

Oceana Watford to be renamed Pryzm in £1million makeover.

What was Oceana in Kingston called before?

Oceana, Kingston Oceana closed and the club was transformed into Pryzm, which has hosted the likes of The Who and One Direction’s Liam Payne.

Where was ragamuffins Camberley?

I organised a reunion a few years ago and decided to do another this year as it is 20 years since Ragamuffins closed.” The party takes place on Friday September 25 at the Cambridge Hotel, in High Street, Camberley, and classic tracks will be played by Mr Connors, who said he hopes to create a memorable atmosphere.

What was Oceana Leeds before?

Now called Pryzm….

What was Birmingham Gatecrasher before?

The Works
Before Birmingham had a Gatecrasher, the city centre nightspot was called The Works . Events held there included Sundissential as well as club nights by the Gatecrasher brand, which had not taken over the venue at that point. The Works was refitted and relaunched as Gatecrasher in 2008.

What did Pryzm in Leeds used to be called?

The Merrion Centre club
The Merrion Centre club closed the following year after a nine-year tenure. It later reopened as Pryzm.

What did Pryzm Kingston used to be called?

The nightclub, formerly Oceana, was rebranded last November following a £1m refurbishment. The revamp was carried out in the shadow of the murder of 20-year old Jamie Sanderson, who was stabbed to death in the club on October 25, 2012.

What happened to Sharon Carr?

Sharon Carr, a girl obsessed with death and violence, secured her place in criminal history yesterday as Britain’s youngest female murderer. She had killed at the age of 12 – a savage attack in which a teenage hairdresser was mutilated with 29 stab wounds.

What was Pryzm called before Leeds?

What was Pryzm called before Oceana?

Nightclub giant Luminar is undergoing a major rebranding and refurbishment of its 10 Oceana venues across the UK, which will see them renamed Pryzm to reflect the multi-characteristics of the new format.