What qualifications do you need to be a riding instructor UK?

What qualifications do you need to be a riding instructor UK?

You can complete training and pass exams with the British Horse Society (BHS) or Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS). You’ll need to be a member of the BHS to follow their Coaching Pathway. You can train for the Stage 3 Coach award to qualify as a riding instructor.

How do I become a horse riding instructor in Ireland?

There are different routes to qualification as an Equestrian Instructor. One is to take the examinations of the British Horse Society (BHS). The Irish Certificate in Equitation Science (ICES) is recognised by the British Horse Society as the equivalent of the BHSAI (British Horse Society Assistant Instructor).

What does the British Horse Society do?

We aim to protect and promote the interests of all horses and those who care about them, including the 3.5 million people in the UK who ride or who drive a horse-drawn carriage. During 70 years, the BHS has made a real impact on the lives of horses and horse owners with wide-ranging campaigns and initiatives.

What happens when I reach BHS?

Amounts Excess Of Basic Healthcare Sum Will Flow To Special Account or Retirement Account (And Even Ordinary Account) In the event we have managed to hit the BHS in our MediSave, our excess contribution and interest earned on MediSave would still be kept as savings in CPF.

What is the BHS Stage 2 exam?

Qualification purpose Learners completing this qualification will be able to ride the horses in their care for exercise. A BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Groom with Riding (Stage 2) will have knowledge and understanding of all aspects of horse care, both within a stable yard and in a wider environment.

How do I become an equine therapist UK?

Entry Requirements:

  1. Students must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Equine students hold the BHS Stage 2 Certificate, Horse Owners Certificate, Pony Club B or have at least three years experience in the horse industry – preferably at a professional yard or at competition level.

What qualification do you need to be a horse trainer?

complete the Level 3 Diploma in Racehorse Care and Management. have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a racing yard. pass a pre-licence training course with The British Racing School at Newmarket, or the National Horseracing College at Doncaster.

Is BHS Online still trading?

It launched a website, bhs.com, under the new brand name “The British Home Store” in September 2016. Al Mana announced that the website would close by 27 June 2018, shifting focus to their international franchise business.

How many members are in the British Horse Society?

119,000 members
Our Organisation The British Horse Society was founded in 1947, and we have grown over the past 70+ years to become the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK with over 119,000 members.