What mixer goes with Jack Daniels honey?

What mixer goes with Jack Daniels honey?


  • 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice.
  • Pour Jack Honey over ice.
  • Top with lemonade.
  • Add lemon wedge to garnish.

Is Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey a good whiskey?

It’s not a whiskey, but it’s undeniably tasty. Like most liqueurs, it’s very sweet, but thanks to its 70 proof, it also packs a punch.

Is Jack Daniels honey Very sweet?

It’s very sweet with a lot of vanilla both on the nose and the palate. The problem with this is, it’s too sweet to add a mixer like Coke or lemonade but the honey makes the texture too cloying to drink neat.

Is Jack Daniels honey strong?

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is described on the label as a “finely crafted honey liqueur blended with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.” It’s a light amber, 70 proof spirit – strong, but not as strong as regular Jack Daniels.

How do you drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey?


  1. 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice.
  2. Pour Jack Honey over ice.
  3. Top with lemonade.
  4. Add lemon wedge to garnish.

How do you drink JD honey?

Can you mix Jack Daniels honey with Coke?

Jack And Coke The Honey Twist: Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey & Dr. Pepper. It’s not the famous southern classic that is Jack and Coke, but this mixer definitely takes advantage of the unique flavors of that other beloved American soda, Dr.

What is the best way to drink Jack Daniels honey?

What mixes well with American Honey Whiskey?

What Mixes Well With American Honey Whiskey? It’s one of our favorite drinks to mix with soda, lemonade, or tea. A good blend tastes great served chilled or over ice. Due to the sweetness of honey whiskey, we use unsweetened tea and lemonade in our cocktail for a honey and citrus combo that’s refreshing and flavorful.

Is Jack Daniels Honey discontinued?

A US only version of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Liqueur. This one comes in a rounded bottle design and it now discontinued.