What kind of math questions are on the CBEST?

What kind of math questions are on the CBEST?

The CBEST math test has 50 multiple choice questions covering the areas of: numerical and graphic relationships; estimation, measurement and statistical principles; and computation and problem solving.

How many questions is the CBEST math portion?

The math section of the CBEST test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. CBEST test takers have a total of four hours to answer the questions in all three sections of the test. It is up to them how much time they spend on the math section of the CBEST test.

How do I pass the CBEST math test?

  1. 1- Understand the question well.
  2. 2- Translate each word into math.
  3. 3- Use scratch paper.
  4. 4- Check the answer again.
  5. 5- Answer every math question.
  6. A Comprehensive Bundle to Help you prepare for the CBEST Math Test.
  7. 6- Keep your mind calm during the CBEST test.
  8. 7- Read the fine print.

Is the CBEST easy to pass?

Passing the CBEST test is not easy because it’s intended to make certain that prospective teachers in Oregon and California have the necessary skills to become credentialed teachers. The purpose of the math section of the CBEST is to challenge you to solve math problems, most of which are words.

Is CBEST math hard?

Is the CBEST Math test hard? The CBEST math test is not difficult, and you can pass this test with enough study and practice.

Can I use a calculator on the CBEST?

During the CBEST math test, test takers must perform the calculations themselves, meaning that they are not allowed to use the calculator on the CBEST math test. Because you have to pass the CBEST math test to get a job as a teacher in California, how you perform for the math section is very important.

What score do you need to pass CBEST math?

To pass the CBEST, one must obtain a minimum scaled score of 41 in each of the three sections—reading, writing, and mathematics. However, a score as low as 37 on an individual section is acceptable if the total scaled score is at least 123.

How long is the CBEST math test?


CBEST Quick Facts
Test Content: Reading, Mathematics and Writing (3 separate subtests)
Time to complete: Computer-based and online-proctored test: 1 hour and 30 minutes each for Reading and Writing subtests; 2 hours for Mathematics subtest. Paper-based test: 4 hours for one, two or all three subtests.