What is WMR fixing?

What is WMR fixing?

These benchmarks are colloquially known as the “London 4 pm Fix”, “the WMR Fix” or just the “Fix”. They provide standardize forex prices that are used to value global equity and bond portfolios, to hedge currency exposure, to write and execute derivatives contracts, and administer custodial agreements.

What does WM Reuters stand for?

the World Markets Company
The WM/Reuters FX benchmark rates are provided by Thomson Reuters, which acquired the rate calculation business of the World Markets Company (WM) from State Street in 2016.

Who owns the WM Company?

Thomson Reuters
New York/London – Thomson Reuters today announced it has acquired WM/Reuters FX benchmark rate calculation business of The World Markets Company (WM) from State Street Corporation.

What is a FX fixing?

The FX fixing rate is the precise currency rate at a very specific time of day. The currency and time are agreed upon between price maker and taker prior to a trade. Once that time hits, the trade is executed wherever the currency pair is trading.

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What is the 4pm London fix?

The closing currency “fix” refers to benchmark foreign exchange rates that are set in London at 4 p.m. daily.

How is BFIX calculated?

The BFIX prices are derived by taking a Time-Weighted Average Price (“TWAP”) of the arithmetic mid-rates of BGN or BGNE prices, pre and post the fixing time.