What is Walther PPQ Navy?

What is Walther PPQ Navy?

The WALTHER PPQ is a designated law enforcement pistol. Its design is based on the Technical Specifications for Pistols of the German Police. NEW: PPQ M2 NAVY SD 9mm x19 with threaded barrel for silencer. The PPQ and the PPQ NAVY are available with threaded barrel (1/2”x28) and a thread protector.

What does PPQ stand for Walther?

Polizeipistole Quick Defence / Police Pistol Quick Defence
The Walther PPQ (German: [ˈvaltɐ], Polizeipistole Quick Defence / Police Pistol Quick Defence) is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm for law enforcement, security forces and the civilian shooting market as a development of the Walther P99.

Are Walther PPQ good guns?

Standing out from the crowd, the Walther PPQ has been designed with elevated details that place this recoil-operated semi-auto pistol above its top-selling compatriots. Designed for competition shooting and defense, the PPQ can also be considered as a good carry weapon.

Did James Bond use a PPQ?

This fame is due in large part to the Walther PPK pistol, James Bond’s weapon of choice. Agent 007 preferred the PPK for dispatching bad guys in style, and its slim design also makes it the perfect concealed weapon.

Can you put a red dot on a Walther PPQ?

Red Dots on handguns are no longer a feature that is hiding on the fringes. It’s becoming more and more common. Combined with proper training, Red Dots can dramatically improve one’s ability to quickly and accurately engage a target.

Is Walther PPQ good for concealed carry?

Walther PPQ M2 4-Inch 9mm DEALS This is one of the smoothest, short and soft triggers on any of the concealed carry guns I have reviewed. I would trust my life to this excellent handgun and it does certainly rank in my top 5 concealed carry compact 9mm handguns.

Did Bond use a PPKS?

The Walther PPK/S (Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell / Sport) is a German pistol issued to James Bond by Q in Skyfall. The PPK/S is a variant of Bond’s traditional Walther PPK designed for export to the United States. It mates the Walther PP’s longer grip with the PPK’s short slide and is chambered in .