What is udarata Natum?

What is udarata Natum?

Kandyan dance encompasses various dance forms popular and native to the area called Kandy of the Central hills region known as Udarata in Sri Lanka, which have today spread to other parts of the country.

What is the famous dance in Sri Lanka?

The kandyan dance
The kandyan dance is highly sophisticated and refined. It flourished under the Kandyan kings from the 16th through the 19th centuries, and today it is considered the national dance of Sri Lanka. It has four distinct varieties: The pantheru, naiyadi, udekki, and ves…

What is the history of the Kandyan dance?

Kandyan dancing is popularly known as Udarata Natum derived its name from the traditional dance forms peculiar to the central region of Sri Lanka. The origin of Kandyan dancing can be traced back to the time of the Nayakkar rulers who ascended the throne of the Kandyan Kingdom 300 years ago.

What is the nature of Kandyan dance?

The Kandyan, or up-country (udarata natum), dances, are regarded as the classical dance tradition of Sri Lanka. Kandyan dancers are traditionally performed only by male dancers. The technique, partly derived from South India, focuses on dynamism, powerful footwork, leaps and whirls.

Why is Kandyan Dance important?

It was originally performed by dancers who were identified as a separate caste under the Kandyan feudal system. They were aligned to the Temple of the Tooth and had a significant role to play in the dalada perahera (procession) held each year by the temple.

What is Sri Lankan dancing?

There are three main styles of Sri Lankan classical dance: The Kandyan dances of the Hill Country, known as Uda Rata Natum; The low country dances of the southern plains, known as Pahatha Rata Natum; Sabaragamuwa dances, or Sabaragamuwa Natum.

Who is the best dancer in Sri Lanka?

Chithrarathna Kurunnase: Sri Lanka’s Famous Traditional Kandyan Dancer and Teacher.

What is famous dance in Bhutan?

Cham Dance is the traditional dance of Bhutan. It involves a series of masked dances, which are usually performed by monks and laymen, wearing colourful costumes. These dances are vibrant and lively and are performed during Tshechus, the annual Bhutanese festival.

What is Pahatharata dance?

Dances in low country are highly ritualistic. This form of dance is performed to appease evil spirits which cause sickness and is thus called ‘Devil Dance’. The dancers wear masks depicting many characters varied in forms of bird, demons, reptiles, etc.

Who is the best dancer of Sri Lanka?

Chithrarathna Kurunnase
Chithrarathna Kurunnase: Sri Lanka’s Famous Traditional Kandyan Dancer and Teacher.