What is Transformers Victory Saber?

What is Transformers Victory Saber?

Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory, Victory Saber is famous for his unwavering devotion to justice for all lifeforms and fighting for lasting peace throughout the cosmos. This is your chance to make Hasbro history and introduce Japanese canon into the Transformers line for the first time in 30 years.

Why did the Star Saber break?

The Star Saber was taken out of action almost immediately after its introduction in the Prime cartoon, presumably to keep a weapon so powerful that Megatron feared it from destroying the show’s status quo.

Is Star Saber a prime?

The Star Saber was created by Solus Prime with her Forge back on Cybertron. It holds the power of the Matrix, but it can only be wield by the hand of a Prime. During the battle against Unicron, Prima, the first ever Transformer, wielded it in battle.

How strong is Star Saber?

The Star Saber is one of the most powerful ancient Cybertronian weapons, and is said to hold the power of the Matrix of Leadership itself. It was designed and built by Solus Prime using her Forge. Its immense power is so great that it can slice a huge boulder in two and fire energy waves at long-range targets.

Who is Leo in Transformers?

Leonardo Ponce de Leon Sptiz, commonly known as Leo, is Sam Witwicky’s college roommate who is obsessed with giant alien robots and runs a website called TheRealEffingDeal.com He gets more than he was hoping for in regards to the truth.

How tall are sabers?

5ft tall
The Star Saber is special kind of sword. It is as tall as a 5ft tall person, with a gold hilt that is intricately shaped, and is symmetrical on both sides.

How did Optimus fix the Star Saber?

The Star Saber was able to survive under the destruction of the former Autobot base. The Saber can break if it gets smashed by another powerful weapon, such as the Dark Star Saber. However it can be repaired with the Forge of Solus Prime. After its repair Optimus wisely cuts off Megatron’s arm to avoid the same loss.

Which is stronger Star Saber or Dark Star Saber?

From Transformers Wiki Glue? The Dark Star Saber is a sword made from pure Dark Energon. Intended to be a dark counterpart of the Star Saber itself, this blade possesses all the powers of the original blade, and is even stronger than its counterpart.

What happened to Leo Spitz Transformers?

Leo is rescued by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and escapes and returns with Bumblebee in time to rescue Sam after Optimus is killed defending him.

What happened to the Star Saber after Transformers Prime?

He discovered that Megatron had created his own Dark Star Saber, built from Dark Energon using the Forge of Solus Prime. After a lengthy duel, Megatron had the upper hand and destroyed the Star Saber, reducing it to its hilt.

What is Star Saber in the Transformers Universe?

Straight out of the Japanese animated tv series Transformers Victory, Star Saber includes his Brainmaster pilot and transforms both from fighter jet to Saber robot mode, and combined together to form Star Saber just like in the Japanese anime.

What is the Transformers Masterpiece series?

The Transformers Masterpiece series of action figures is a collector-focused toyline by Takara Tomy of Japan that brings your favorite Transformers characters from the TV series or big screen to life in toy form.

Is Star Saber a masterpiece scale figure?

He is an awesome figure, but not Masterpiece scale size. Saber himself would need to be about Ten Inches tall and over Twenty Inches tall when transformed into Star Saber. I also hope for Victory Leo to be released, but I also hope Takara releases the six chest force figures in deluxe size to combine to form Leokaiser!

What is mp-24 Star Saber?

MP-24 Star Saber is highly articulated and transforms from a large cybertronic spaceship to robot and back and as a Masterpiece scaled figure scales with other MP scaled figures in the Transformers Masterpiece toyline. Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber the supreme commander of the Autobots is reborn in Masterpiece glory.