What is the use of printf () and scanf () functions?

What is the use of printf () and scanf () functions?

printf() and scanf() in C The printf() and scanf() functions are used for input and output in C language.

How do you comment multiple lines in C++?

In the C/C++ editor, select multiple line(s) of code to comment out. To comment out multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Add Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+/ )

How do you add a single line to a multi-line comment in Python?

Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Using multiple single # line comments. You can use # in Python to comment a single line: # THIS IS A SINGLE LINE COMMENT.
  2. Using triple-quoted string literals. Another way to add multiline comments is to use triple-quoted, multi-line strings.

How do you add comments in C programming?

At run-time, a comment is ignored by the compiler. There are two types of comments in C: 1) A comment that starts with a slash asterisk /* and finishes with an asterisk slash */ and you can place it anywhere in your code, on the same line or several lines.

How do you add a comment in Mathematica?

Move the cursor to the bottom of the cells. A horizontal line will appear below the previous Input-Output cells. Select Style from the Format menu. Choose Text and then type in a comment.

Which symbol signifies a comment in program code?

How do we provide comments in Python? Comment is a text in a computer program that is a programmer-readable explanation or annotation in the source code. It is ignored by compiler/interpreter. In Python script, the symbol # indicates start of comment line.

What are the two types of comments in C++?

C++ comments come in two flavors: single-line comments and multiline comments. Single-line comments are accomplished using a double slash (//). The double slash tells the compiler to ignore everything that follows, until the end of the line.

What is a code comment Codehs?

What is a code comment? A way to give notes to the reader to explain what your code is doing. What commands does SuperKarel know that regular Karel does not?

What are the two kinds of comments in JSP and what’s the difference between them?

There are two types of of comments supporting static HTML and one type of comment supporting dynamic JSP code. Content comments are nothing but HTML comments as they are used in HTML and XML part of JSP code. That is, content comments are written in static HTML code.

What do you think is the main advantage of the comment in C++ as compared to the old C type comment?

// comments are more useful to add comments at the end of a line. Using // comments exclusively allows you removing ranges of lines from your code quickly by turning them into /* comments */. The compiler will see the first “*/” as the end of the comment block.

What is the difference between single line comment and multi line comment?

In single line comment only we can comment only 1 line words not much large words . Eg :- Hi , How are You ? etc . Multi line comment means we can comment many words at a time and can be commented differently too with different front style .

Which symbol is used to add a comment?

The single line comment is //. Everything from the // to the end of the line is a comment. To mark an entire region as a comment, use /* to start the comment and */ to end the comment.

What are the types of comments?

Seven types of comments emerge: directive, evaluative, advisory, interpretive, descriptive, directive questions (Socratic), and open-ended questions (discovery).

How do you write comments in a program?

Line comments either start with a comment delimiter and continue until the end of the line, or in some cases, start at a specific column (character line offset) in the source code, and continue until the end of the line. Some programming languages employ both block and line comments with different comment delimiters.

Which of the following is a multi-line comment?

/* */ (multiline comment) Explanatory notes embedded within the code. Comments are used to remind yourself and to inform others about the function of your program.

How do you comment out code in C?

Commenting out code

  1. In the C/C++ editor, select the line(s) of code that you want to comment out. If no lines are selected comments will be added (or removed) at the current cursor position.
  2. Right-click and select Source > Toggle Comment. ( CTRL+/ )

What is single line comment in C++?

Comments can be used to explain C++ code, and to make it more readable. Single-line comments start with two forward slashes ( // ). Any text between // and the end of the line is ignored by the compiler (will not be executed).

How do you comment multiple lines at once?

One way to do it would be:

  1. Select the text, Press CTRL + K , C to comment ( CTRL + E + C )
  2. Move the cursor to the first line after the delimiter // and before the Code text.
  3. Press Alt + Shift and use arrow keys to make selection.
  4. Once the selection is done, press space bar to enter a single space.

What type of comments does C Support?

In C/C++ there are two types of comments : Single line comment. Multi-line comment.