What is the synonym and antonym of pliant?

What is the synonym and antonym of pliant?

Antonyms: unadaptable, unformed, unimpressionable, inflexible. Synonyms: bendable, flexible, tractile, elastic, pliant, ductile, plastic, waxy, tensile, malleable, fictile, pliable.

What is the synonyms of pliant?

Some common synonyms of pliant are adaptable, ductile, malleable, plastic, and pliable. While all these words mean “susceptible of being modified in form or nature,” pliant may stress flexibility and sometimes connote springiness.

What is a antonym for pliant?

ˈplaɪənt) Capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out. Antonyms. unformed unshapen shapeless unorganised unorganized adamant die-hard. ductile tensile pliable malleable tractile. pliant (English)

What are the eight antonyms of pliant?

What is the opposite of pliant?

stiff firm
unbending hard
solid unyielding
compact unflexible
inelastic stony

What is the synonym for working well?

What is another word for working well?

functioning well operating well
performing well working correctly
working properly working splendidly

What is the synonyms of intrepid?

Synonyms for intrepid include courageous, valiant, fearless, valorous, and simply brave.

What is a synonym for working well?

Present participle for work correctly. functioning well. operating well. performing well. working correctly.

What is an antonym for fallacy?

fallacy. Antonyms: truth, verity, fact, logic, argument, soundness, proof, postulate, axiom. Synonyms: sophistry, error, blunder, misconception, bugbear, fiction, delusion, chimera.

Which is the closest synonym for the word metamorphosis?


  • evolution.
  • rebirth.
  • alteration.
  • change.
  • changeover.
  • mutation.
  • transfiguration.
  • translation.

What is a synonym for working with?

cooperate. coproduce. do business with. get-together. give-and-take.

What is the synonym of Dauntless?

aweless, brave, daring, doughty, fearless, gallant, game, heroic, indomitable, intrepid, invincible, lionhearted, resolute, stouthearted, unafraid, unconquerable, undaunted, unfearing, unflinching, valiant.