What is the summary of the City of Ember?

What is the summary of the City of Ember?

The story is about Ember, a post-apocalyptic underground city threatened by aging infrastructure and corruption. The young protagonist, Lina Mayfleet, and her friend, Doon Harrow (the second protagonist), follow clues left behind by the original builders of the City of Ember, to safety in the outside world.

Why would you recommend the City of Ember?

DuPrau teaches critical thinking skills by having relatable characters solve a mystery. Young readers will enjoy the drama, intrigue, and healthy friendship that develops between the female and male main characters.

What are the two main problems in the City of Ember?

The city suffers from a food shortage, and it is running low on electricity because the central generator is out of fuel. Lina and Doon discover that government corruption has led to the dire circumstances and hostage-like living conditions.

What are the main events in the City of Ember?

1 CE. assignment day.

  • first day on the job. on Lina’s first day as a messenger, she delivers a short mysterious message to the mayor from a guy named Looper.
  • the home life.
  • the unknown region man.
  • the talk.
  • the store.
  • Doon finds Poppy.
  • the message.
  • Do Doon and Lina get married?

    Doon and Lina get married and eventually have children of their own. One of Lina’s descendents often liked to look at the pictures of the city Lina drew in Ember and marveled over how Lina had perfectly drawn the city that Lina herself didn’t live long enough to see.

    What grade should read City of Ember?

    The City of Ember: The First Book of Ember

    Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
    Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 5.0

    What age is City of Ember appropriate for?

    Most kids ages 8/9+ would enjoy this book, although older teens may find it too young for them.

    What happened at the end of the book city of Ember?

    At the very very end, Mrs. Murdo is walking alone. The message that Lina and Doon toss down from the upper world falls at her feet, and she begins to untie it (and, presumably, to read it). Let’s rewind a bit: Lina and Doon and Poppy escape Ember—woohoo!

    What is the climax of the City of Ember?

    What is the Climax of The City of Ember? Lina, Doon, and Poppy are on a boat ride, through a raging river in the pitch black. What is the Falling Action of The City of Ember? Lina drops a letter down through a hole to Ember hoping that someone will follow them out of Ember.

    Is there a city of Ember 2?

    The People of Sparks (The City of Ember Book 2)

    What are the main events in the city of Ember?

    The City of Ember Main Events Lina Gets Pipeworks Laborer In the second main event Lina picks a job from the drawstring and is fairly disappointed because she draws Pipeworks Laborer. Assignment Day The first main event is where Lina along with all of her classmates leave the

    What are the main characters in the city of Ember?

    Doon helps the people of Ember in a lot of situations.

  • Being a friend of Lina,he is in many scenes.
  • He tries to help Lina escape and figure out the secrets of Ember.
  • He helps her read this letter that Lina’s grandma is talking about.
  • He helps Lina escape from the guards that are trying to find her and put her in jail.
  • What is the moral lesson of the city of Ember?

    What is the moral lesson of the city of Ember? The moral of The City of Ember is that even though we are young, kids can do amazing things that can change the ways of many people . Lina and Doon, two twelve-year-olds, discover something that no one in Ember has ever seen before them and change the lives of all citizens of Ember.

    Why is the city of Ember a dystopia?

    The City of Ember, written by Jeanne DuPrau , illustrates a dystopian society. This is done by DuPrau’s use of setting, situations, and character mentality. The setting takes place underground. The power grid and food supply are constantly questioned. The lights flicker and often and blackouts are common. This…