What is the story of Hearts and Hands?

What is the story of Hearts and Hands?

Henry’s story ‘Hearts and Hands’ describes a surprise encounter between two acquaintances on a train. Mr Easton is not on a normal journey but is going to be imprisoned. The marshal who is taking him along shows an act of kindness to save Mr Easton from embarrassment.

What is the moral of the story Hearts and Hands?

The moral of the story is that there is a gap between appearance and reality. Explanation: O Henry’s Hearts and Hands is a satiric attack on the follies of aristocrat people of western society.

What was the ending of Hearts and Hands?

‘Hearts and Hands’ presents an ironical situation with a surprise ending. The irony at the end of the story makes the story interesting. The unexpected revelation about Mr Easton surprises the readers, when the two passengers in the train remark that Mr Easton is not a marshal, but a counterfeiter.

What made the Marshall stand out in the story Hearts and Hands?

In O. Henry’s story “Hearts and Hands”, the marshal’s lie to save Mr. Easton from embarrassment reveals his humane nature and sympathy for others, even for a criminal. Moreover, it is all about his common sense and the presence of mind.

What did Fairchild say about Easton’s life in Washington?

What did Fairchild say about Easton’s life in Washington? Why was she not likely to see Easton in Washington soon? She was not likely to see Easton in Washington soon, because he was to be confined in Leavenworth prison. Miss Fairchild, assumed that he would be extremely busy in his new job as the marshal.

What is the shocking revelation at the end of the story Hearts and Hands?

Answer: As the two men stand to go to the smoker car, the young woman bids Mr Easton goodbye. A Shocking Revelation : All the while, two passengers seated nearby have listened to the conversation. One remarks that Mr Easton seems too young to be a marshal.

What is Easton hinting at while saying that?

Answer: The lady Miss Fairchild realizes that Mr. Easton is not a criminal headed for the jail but in fact a marshal. He hints that for money he had to don the role of a marshal partaking in dangers when it is not as highly regarded as ambassadorship.

What is the shocking revelation at the end of the story?

A cliffhanger or cliffhanger ending, is a plot device in fiction which features a main character in a precarious or difficult dilemma or confronted with a shocking revelation at the end of an episode of serialized fiction.

What is the conflict and twist to the short story Hearts and Hands?

Answer: In “Hearts and Hands,” the conflict and twist revolve around two men who are handcuffed to one another on a train in Denver. One of them is young and handsome, the other is older and glum-looking. They sit down across from a pretty young woman dressed very elegantly.

How do you think the title Hearts and Hands is symbolic to the plot of the story?

The title, Of Hearts and Hands, is significant because it refers to the conclusion of the story where the true identities of Mr. Easton and the marshal with the knowledge that a marshal always cuff’s prisoners to their left hand. It may also refer to the marshal’s good heart and the helping hand he offered Mr. Easton.

What reason was given by Mr Easton for not going to Washington?

What reason does Easton give for not keeping up with their crowd in Wahington? Answer: Easton tells Miss Fairchild that he had shifted to the west and had lost touch with his rich friends in Washington because he did not have enough money.

What kind of relationship existed between Mr Easton and Miss Fairchild?

The relation of miss fair child with Mr Easton was that they were old good friends as soon miss fair child remembered about him and they first met up in Washington in a crowd and she also liked Mr Easton as he heard and saw that he was a Marshall and she already indirectly said that she lived and spend rest of the days …