What is the seed for the water Temple?

What is the seed for the water Temple?

The coordinates of the water temple are (X250 by Z -200). This is a pretty standard Minecraft island seed 1.15.

What seed in Minecraft has a temple?

Minecraft seed: -1119120068 Not only is there a desert temple right by spawn, it’s also got a pillager tower right next to it, slightly cutting into the temple itself. There is even a ruined portal not too far from there with two gold blocks and a chest with some great loot.

Where do water temples spawn in Minecraft?

Ocean Monument
In Minecraft, an Ocean Monument is a structure that spawns naturally in the game. It looks like a water temple and is found underwater in the Deep Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean and Deep Cold Ocean biomes.

What is the best seed to spawn in Minecraft?

Best Minecraft Seeds are where to spawn for the best adventures

  • Seed: 2223210.
  • Seed: 57558375.
  • Seed: -676194426.
  • Seed: -139003. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ.
  • Seed: 1413498379. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ.
  • Seed: 960570313. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ.
  • Seed: 237634118. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ.
  • Seed: 291430071. Source: Minecraft Seed HQ.

Where is the ocean monument in Minecraft PE?

Deep Ocean Biomes
Ocean Monuments generate exclusively in Deep Ocean Biomes with an aquatic biome everywhere within a 29 Block square radius around the center point.

How do you find oceans in Minecraft PE?

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What is the desert village seed?

Desert Seed #1 If you travel South to coordinates (16,64,352), you will find a Desert village with a Desert pyramid right in the center of the village. West of the village, there is also a Coral Reef in the Warm Ocean biome.

What is the rarest Minecraft Temple?

The Jungle Temple is one of the rarest naturally generated structures in Minecraft. This is mainly due to the fact that it is located in the densely wooded jungle biome, which are quite rare in their own right.

Do ocean Monuments spawn in peaceful?

This may be intended behavior for hostile mobs in Peaceful difficulty, but this causes all Ocean Monuments in a world to lack Elder Guardians upon switching to Peaceful, as Elder Guardians do not respawn.

How do I find a sea temple?

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