What is the purpose of neat people vs sloppy people by Suzanne Britt?

What is the purpose of neat people vs sloppy people by Suzanne Britt?

As I previously mentioned, Britt’s overall purpose is to compare and contrast neat and sloppy people to depict sloppy individuals more sentimentally favorable. She claims “neat people don’t care about process” (Britt 215) compared to the sloppy population to develop negativity towards neat people.

Is Britt a neat or a sloppy person how do you know?

Britt says, “Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people (Bedford 221).” The target audience may think why sloppy people are better than neat people because of the word “neat” and “sloppy”. Sloppy means careless and unsystematic; neat means arranged in an orderly, tidy way.

What is meant by as always in the sentence the distinction is as always moral?

a discrimination between things as different. The distinction is, as always, moral. moral. concerned with principles of right and wrong. The distinction is, as always, moral.

What is the tone of the essay neat people vs sloppy people?

In Britt’s essay, “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, Suzanne Britt criticizes neat people in a humorous way for certain behaviors. Britt creates a humorous tone and a good impression for sloppy people. This excerpt appears in a book “Show and Tell” Britt writes “It is her journey into the awful cave of self” (214).

What might Britt’s purpose be in writing the essay?

Author’s Purpose Britt wrote this essay in order to entertain as she compares those who are sloppy to those who are neat. This is a compare and contrast essay; however, as the essay goes on Britt struggles to find any similarities between the two.

When was neat people vs sloppy people published?

Tell (1983).

How does Britt use repetition to clarify her comparison?

Britt uses repetition to clarify her comparison and to drill it into our brains and make us believe what she is saying. The more we hear things the more we believe they are true.