What is the planning phase of the SDLC?

What is the planning phase of the SDLC?

Planning The planning phase of the SDLC is also when the project plan is developed that identifies, prioritizes, and assigns the tasks and resources required to build the structure for a project. With that said, this step culminates in a detailed project plan.

In which phases of the SDLC is documentation important?

Design. Progressing down the SDLC, the next phase that typically follows analysis is the design phase. In this phase, all the documentation that the team created in the analysis phase is used to develop the actual technical documentation of the project.

What is included in the planning phase?

In the Planning Phase, the Project Manager works with the project team to create the technical design, task list, resource plan, communications plan, budget, and initial schedule for the project, and establishes the roles and responsibilities of the project team and its stakeholders.

What are the documents used in SDLC?


  • Define (That is project setup, project plan)
  • Analyze (That is understand functional requirement, functional specification document)
  • Design (Database, UI, documents)
  • Coding & Unit testing (Man at work)
  • Verification and Validation (Integration and system testing)

Who involved in the planning phase of SDLC?

The three primary activities involved in the planning phase are as follows: Identification of the system for development. Feasibility assessment. Creation of project plan.

Why is documentation necessary in each phase of the SDLC?

SDLC documentation provides a mechanism to ensure that executive leadership, functional managers, and users sign-off on the requirements and implementation of the system.

How do you create a planning phase?

Project planning process

  1. Create a scope statement.
  2. Create a statement of work.
  3. Conduct research.
  4. Create a project plan.
  5. Create a project schedule.
  6. Review and approve the plan.
  7. Ongoing responsibilities.

Which of the following items is the most important document created in the planning phase?

The most important document created during planning phase is a project plan.

What are the various phases of SDLC give some examples of project management tools?

Description of Typical Phases in SDLC

Phase Name Typical Deliverables
Pre-sales Phase – Signed Contract – Project Proposal
Project Initiation Phase – Project Charter – High-level project information
Concept Development Phase – Finalized and proved Concept Documentation – Concept Designs