What is the number for 02 voicemail?

What is the number for 02 voicemail?

Voicemail 901
Voicemail 901 is your answerphone. It answers any calls you miss and lets you know when you have new messages. It’s available to all O2 customers by calling 901 and it’s ready to go on all new O2 phones. If ever it’s switched off, you can turn it on by calling 1750 free from your mobile.

Are calls to 121 voicemail free?

Call 121 from your Vodafone mobile. This call is free.

Is voicemail free on O2?

Except on the unlimited minute tariffs when UK voicemail is free. Calls from a non-O2 mobile are charged at your providers’ rates….Pay Monthly tariff charges and terms.

Usage outside your allowance Charges
UK calls to 070 numbers 51.1p per minute
UK video calls 35p per minute
Voicemail2 35p per minute
Calls to customer services3 Free from your O2 mobile

What is the voicemail number for Smarty?

Voicemail is available by dialing 123 from your SMARTY SIM and calls to voicemail are included as standard in all of our plans.

What is the Safaricom voicemail number?

Safaricom PLC on Twitter: “@IvyQym To activate voicemail dial **62*0722122122#, and ##62# to deactivate.

How do I call my voicemail back?

To call back the sender of your voicemail message: 1| Dial your PhoneFusion Personal Phone Number. 2| When the system answers, PRESS *. 3| Enter your Phone Pass Code and PRESS #.

Does SMARTY have voicemail?

Find out whether voicemail is included within your plan. All calls to voicemail are included as standard in all of our plans.

How do I check my SMARTY voicemail?

Dial 123, choose a PIN, select # and confirm. After recording your name, you’ll be asked to record a message that callers will hear when you don’t answer. You can change your message whenever you want. If you forget your PIN, dial 123 to access your voicemail and follow the instructions to create a new one.