What is the name of Devendra Fadnavis wife?

What is the name of Devendra Fadnavis wife?

Amruta FadnavisDevendra Fadnavis / Wife (m. 2005)Amruta Devendra Fadnavis is an Indian banker, singer and social activist. She is married to the 18th and former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis. She holds the post of Vice-President – with Axis Bank. Wikipedia

Who is the daughter of Devendra Fadnavis?

Divija FadnavisDevendra Fadnavis / Daughter

Who is amruta fadnavis husband?

Devendra FadnavisAmruta Fadnavis / Husband (m. 2005)

Who is the father of Devendra Fadnavis?

Gangadharrao FadnavisDevendra Fadnavis / Father

Who is the wife of chief minister?

H. D. Kumaraswamy
Born Haradanahalli Kumaraswamy 16 December 1959 Haradanahalli, Mysore State, India
Political party Janata Dal (Secular)
Other political affiliations Janata Dal
Spouse(s) Anitha Kumaraswamy (m. 1986) =*Radhika (m.2006)

Who is Ajit Pawar of Sharad Pawar?

He is the nephew of Sharad Pawar, chief of Nationalist Congress Party. Besides being the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, he is also the Finance Minister of Maharashtra.

What is the age of Amruta Khanvilkar?

37 years (November 23, 1984)Amruta Khanvilkar / Age

How many wives did Devendra Fadnavis have?

Devendra Fadnavis
Born 22 July 1970 Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s) Amruta Fadnavis
Children 1

Who is Kumaraswamy father?

H. D. Deve GowdaH. D. Kumaraswamy / Father

Who is Ajit Pavar?

Ajit Anantrao Pawar (Marathi pronunciation: [əd͡ʒit̪ pəʋaːɾ]; born 22 July 1959) is an Indian politician who is the current and 8th Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and guardian minister for the city of Pune, India.