What is the movie dial a prayer about?

What is the movie dial a prayer about?

A troubled young woman working at a prayer call centre makes a difference in other people’s lives, forcing her to reconcile with her troubled past with the faith she brings out in others.Dial a Prayer / Film synopsis

Who plays Cora in Dial a Prayer?

Brittany Snow
Cora (Brittany Snow) is a small-town girl who’s done a bad thing and is sentenced to community service at an inspirational call center. Brittle and surly, Cora resents her new job, has zero knack for it and rankles her religious-leader boss (William H. Macy), who’s shrewder than his beatific demeanor may first imply.

What did Cora do in Dial a Prayer?

Cora spends her days begrudgingly answering phones at a Prayer Call Center under the watch of well-intentioned leader Bill. When a caller shows up convinced he’s been saved by her voice, she must decide if she’s the one he thinks she is.

Is Brittany Murphy in Pitch Perfect?

Brittany Anne Snow is an American television and film actress and singer. She began acting at the age of 12, portraying Daisy Lemay on Guiding Light, from 1998 to 2001, for which she won an award and was nominated for several movies. In the 2012 film, Pitch Perfect, Brittany Snow portrays Chloe.

What town is Rebel Wilson from?

Sydney, AustraliaRebel Wilson / Place of birth

Where Is Rebel Wilson based?

Rebel Wilson has confirmed she has purchased a property in London and is moving to the United Kingdom. The Australian actress, fresh from hosting the BAFTAs, was born in Sydney but has been based in the United States in recent years. “I have bought a place here so I’m moving. Yeah, it’s in London.

Will there be a 4th Pitch Perfect movie?

Pitch Perfect 4 is yet to be verified in the general public’s eyes. There is no word yet on a release date for the fourth film in the series. The possibility of a fourth film has been discussed, but the studio has announced nothing concrete.

How old is Rebel Wilson now?

42 years (March 2, 1980)Rebel Wilson / Age