What is the meaning of Rhodes Scholar?

What is the meaning of Rhodes Scholar?

Definition of Rhodes scholar : a holder of one of numerous scholarships founded under the will of Cecil J. Rhodes that can be used at Oxford University for two or three years and are open to candidates from the Commonwealth of Nations and the U.S.

What is so special about being a Rhodes Scholar?

A Rhodes Scholarship allows you to earn any full-time postgraduate degree available at Oxford, with a few exceptions, typically over two years’ time. This allows you to complete one or two master’s degrees, a second bachelor’s degree, or a doctoral degree.

Who was the first black Rhodes Scholar?

Alain Locke
Alain Locke was the first Black to win a Rhodes scholarship in 1907, igniting a legacy of excellence that African American students would carry on over the next century. In fact, over the past four decades, Blacks have won a Rhodes scholarship almost each year.

Who is the youngest Rhodes Scholar?

Ritika Mukherji: The Youngest Indian Rhodes Scholar This year – Rediff.com Get Ahead.

What is the meaning of Rhodes?

Rhodes in British English (rəʊdz ) noun. 1. a Greek island in the SE Aegean Sea, about 16 km (10 miles) off the Turkish coast: the largest of the Dodecanese and the most easterly island in the Aegean. Capital: Rhodes.

How many presidents are Rhodes Scholars?

In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President (1993-2001) of the US. To date, he is the only US President to have been a Rhodes Scholar.

What does Rhodes mean in Greek?

Greek island, largest of the Dodecanese, from Greek Rhodos, which is perhaps from rhodon “rose,” which Beekes allows as a possibility, or rhoia “pomegranate,” but “more likely” [Room] from a pre-Greek name, from Phoenician erod “snake,” for the serpents which were said to have anciently infested the island.

Is Rhode a name?

Rhode Origin and Meaning The name Rhode is a girl’s name meaning “rose”. The original Greek spelling of Rhoda, derived from the name of the goddess Rhodos.