What is the meaning of community correction?

What is the meaning of community correction?

Community corrections programs oversee persons convicted of a crime outside of jail or prison, and are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions.

What is a community corrections order in Victoria?

A community corrections order is an order that allows you to serve your sentence in the community. These court orders have at least one condition attached. These conditions differ according to the kind of offence you have been found guilty of and your particular circumstances.

What is the aim of community corrections?

Community corrections programs attempt to accomplish many goals. These goals include easing institutional crowding and cost; preventing future criminal behavior through surveillance, rehabilitation, and community reintegration; and addressing victims’ needs through restorative justice.

When were community corrections orders introduced in Victoria?

January 2012
Community correction orders (‘CCO’s) were introduced as a sentencing option in Victoria in January 2012. They replaced a number of previously existing community‐based sentences, including intensive correction orders (‘ICOs’), community‐based orders (‘CBOs’) and combined custody and treatment orders.

What is a community corrections sentence?

A: Simply defined, “community corrections” are non-prison sanctions. that are imposed on convicted adults or adjudicated juveniles either by a court instead of a prison sentence or by a parole board following release from prison.

What happens if you breach a community corrections order in Victoria?

The maximum penalty for contravening a CCO is 3 months in prison or a fine of up to $4,550.10. If you have committed another offence while on a CCO and that offence is punishable by a prison sentence, then you will be sent to prison unless there are exceptional circumstances why you should not.

How did community based corrections enhance the role of community in corrections?

Community-based alternatives to prison claim to be more effective in reducing recidivism than are traditional prisons, to be cheaper than prisons, and to reduce overcrowding in prisons and jails.

Are community corrections effective?

What are some of the negative effects of community based corrections?

Another disadvantage is that public safety may be compromised. Offenders are more easily able to continue criminal behavior than if they were confined in jail or prison. With funding going to jails and prisons, resources have not kept pace with community corrections growth.

How long does a community order last?

Community orders can last for up to 3 years and must include at least one specific requirement in the list below, but sometimes there can be a number of such requirements combined within a community order.