What is the main message of All My Sons?

What is the main message of All My Sons?

The major theme of ”All My Sons” is the tragic conflict between family loyalties and the social responsibility. Joe Keller is an ordinary fair-to medium individual whose love for his family is boundless.

Who is the main character in All My Sons discuss in detail?

Joe Keller He’s the first person we see on stage, and all the action happens in his backyard. He undergoes a big change throughout the play, first publicly denying his involvement in the machine shop scandal, then admitting yet excusing his actions, and finally accepting full responsibility for the deaths he caused.

What are the major themes of All My Sons by Arthur Miller?

All My Sons Themes

  • Family and Familial Obligation. Nearly all the characters in the play are concerned with the establishment and maintenance of family life.
  • Loss and Memory.
  • War, Morality, and Consequences.
  • Wealth and Its Accumulation.
  • Liability, Culpability, and Guilt.

Why is All My Sons considered a tragedy?

Joe’s not being capable of keeping his family satisfied, the blame of the death of his son, his efforts and denial makes this play a tragedy of a common man. Even after all of his struggle and losing his morals in the process add to the same.

What is the impact of ending of All My Sons?

The impact of the ending of Miller’s play is a powerful and poignant reminder of collective responsibility and of the emotional toll exacted by the decision to live a life of duplicity and denial.

What is the significance of the apple tree in All My Sons?

The apple tree is a symbol of Larry. The tree was planted to commemorate him. The tree’s death symbolizes the way the older Kellers will finally come to fully accept Larry’s death. A high wind causes the apple tree to snap and fall over the night before the action of the play starts, leaving nothing but the stump.

Who is the most tragic character in All My Sons?

Both Joe and Chris Keller constitute as being tragic characters of All My Sons because they both make very tragic mistakes and are driven by the disastrous events that begin before the play.

What type of tragedy is All My Sons?

Chris and Joe’s relationship in all means ended up deteriorated and this some ways is the central tragedy, a father who loses two sons because of his own mistakes and greed….All My Sons as a Tragedy.

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