What is the largest tiger shark ever recorded?

What is the largest tiger shark ever recorded?

The current International Game Fish Association (IGFA) all-tackle world record, for line of any strength, is a 1,785-pound, 11-ounce tiger shark caught off Ulladulla, Australia, in 2004.

Is tiger shark bigger than Great White?

There’s actually not much to it in terms of length. Tiger Sharks average around 10–14 feet and max out at just over 18 feet. Fully-grown White Sharks (their official name) often reach around 16 feet. They may grow to 20 feet or even more, although monsters that size are rare.

Do tiger sharks eat humans?

The tiger shark, however, is one of the few sharks known to attack swimmers and surfers unprovoked. It’s sometimes called the man-eater shark, for good reason.

How big is a Tigershark?

One of the largest sharks, the tiger shark commonly reaches a length of 325-425 cm (10-14 ft) and weighs over 385-635 kg (850-1400 lbs). Length at birth varies from 51-76 cm (1-1.5 ft). Males reach sexual maturity at 226-290 cm (7-9 ft), while females become mature at 250-325 cm (8-10 ft) (Compagno et al. 2005).

What animal eats a tiger shark?

Since tiger sharks are apex predators, they do not have many natural predators themselves. The only known predator of the tiger shark is the orca. Killer whales will sometimes force them to the surface and flip their body to drown the shark. They then rip off its fins and disembowel it for eating.

Is tiger shark good to eat?

Tiger shark’s aren’t known for especially tasty meat. (Fins are a whole ‘nother story.) Like many species of sharks, they produce urea to help them maintain osmotic balance with seawater.

Do tiger sharks eat anything?

The tiger shark is a non-selective feeder and a voracious predator. It has been known to consume a wide variety of marine prey and even some terrestrial animals. Common prey include crabs, shellfish, lobsters, squid, bony fish, small sharks, skates, rays, porpoises, turtles, marine birds and mammals.