What is the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc and a fume blanc?

What is the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc and a fume blanc?

The primary difference comes after the wine has been produced and how it is aged. Fume Blanc is a Sauvignon Blanc that is typically aged in oak barrels after fermentation while Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally aged in stainless steel vats after fermentation.

Is Fume Blanc dry or sweet?

The winemakers kept the Fumé Blanc name, however, feeling there was confusion about sweetness in the wine style. For proprietor Rob Griffin, the Fumé Blanc label provided a significant clue that the wine was dry.

Is Fume Blanc Chardonnay?

Fumé blanc is wine style where sauvignon blanc is fermented and matured in barrels, usually oak, much in the manner of chardonnay. Some winemakers portion their sauvignon blanc: fermenting part in stainless steel drums and part in oak barrels.

Who owns Grgich Hills Winery?

Mike Grgich

Grgich Hills Estate
Appellation Rutherford AVA
Founded 1977
Key people Mike Grgich, Winemaker, Proprietor/President & CEO Ivo Jeramaz, Vice President of Vineyards and Production, Violet Grgich, Co-Proprietor/VP Operations, Sales & Marketing
Known for Grgich Hills Chardonnay

Why is Pouilly Fume called fume?

The Pouilly-Fumé name is composed of two parts. Pouilly is short for Pouilly-sur-Loire, the village the wines come from. Fumé is short for Blanc Fumé , which is the local nickname for Sauvignon Blanc. It is sometimes understandably confused with Pouilly-Fuissé (a Chardonnay-based wine from southern Burgundy).

What grape is in Fumé Blanc?

Sauvignon Blanc
Fume Blanc is the same grape as Sauvignon Blanc. Fume Blanc refers to the smoky flavors that occur when the Sauvignon Blanc wine has been aged in oak. Sauvignon Blanc is a light wine that is crisp and acidic. It is usually a dry wine.

What food goes with Fumé Blanc?

Medium-bodied. Perfect for halibut or shellfish. Fume Blanc food pairings: chicken salad, pork tenderloin, seafood, barbecued lobster.

Is Fumé Blanc a dry wine?

Fumé Blanc is a mostly oaked, dry white wine introduced to the American market by winemaker Robert Mondavi in the 1960s. The legendary winemaker developed this new wine style from Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Is Bottle Shock a true story?

“Bottle Shock” is a film based on the true story of the 1976 “Judgment of Paris,” a wine-tasting competition that put the young California wine industry up against some of the best the French had to offer. California wines stunned the French judges by sweeping the blind tastings.

How old is Violet Grgich?

“It’s time,” the 94-year-old Grgich, who lives in Calistoga, said at an October board meeting. “I know that my dream is in good hands.”