What is the definition of Desincrustation?

What is the definition of Desincrustation?

Galvanic Desincrustation is the use of galvanic current on the negative polarity pushing active substances into the skin for astringent or purifying purposes. Desincrustation helps soften tissues, open pores for deeper cleansing, dissolve sebum and ingrained dirt.

Is cataphoresis negative or positive?

It stimulates nerves and increases the blood supply. This produces an alkaline reaction. The positive pole called “Cataphoresis”, soothes nerves, firms and tones tissue.

What is difference between cataphoresis and Anaphoresis?

The key difference between cataphoresis and anaphoresis is that cataphoresis is the electrophoresis of cations, whereas anaphoresis is the electrophoresis of anions. Electrophoresis is an analytical technique we can use to analyze a sample using the electrical properties of the chemical species present in that sample.

What is Desincrustation Milady?

Desincrustation. Process used to soften and emulsify sebum and blackheads in the follicles. Direct current. Abbreviated DC; constant, even-flowing current that travels in one direction only and is produced by chemical means.

What does Desincrustation gel do?

The desincrustation ionitherapy gel superbly emulsifies impurities leaving the skin cleansed and receptive to further treatment. This makes it the perfect galvanic gel to use in the Priadara sub dermal facial for those clients wishing to cleanse their skin making it receptive to future treatmnets.

How do you use Desincrustation solution?


  1. After cleansing, apply the Desincrustation Solution onto skin with a cotton round or cotton ball. Repeat application a few times for extra tight pores or heavy blackheads.
  2. Apply steam for 5-10 minutes.
  3. (Optional)
  4. Perform your extractions.

What type of skin is Desincrustation recommended for?

Desincrustation is ideal for oily and breakout-prone skin. It helps soften the follicles (pores), as well as sebum and keratin within the skin, allowing for easier extractions.

What are the benefits of cataphoresis?

Cataphoresis offers many benefits. It cools the skin, reduces redness, and kills bacteria which can be caused by Electrolysis. The electrical current of Electrolysis stimulates the sebaceous gland which will secrete basic sebum. The hair follicle then becomes a potential area for bacteria production.

What is a Desincrustation product?

Desincrustation is a deep cleansing treatment that softens and emulsifies sebum and keratin in the follicle. It is an ideal treatment for oily or congested skin to prepare for extractions. It can be used by itself after cleansing or if appropriate, incorporated with steaming.

How long should Desincrustation last?

Best not to leave on skin longer than 20-30 minutes. Can be used before or after steam to help further open pores.

What is Desincrustation good for?