What is the Cheat Homestar?

What is the Cheat Homestar?

The Cheat, whose name includes the integral article, or pronounced The Chort by Coach Z, is what could be called Strong Bad’s sidekick and Strong Mad’s best friend. According to his Yearbook Character Page, his motto is “No rule is solid”.

Who is the main character in Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner is the namesake character of the series, and “He is a terrific athlete” that “everybody loves the”….

Homestar Runner
First appearance The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest 1996
Created by Mike Chapman Craig Zobel
Voiced by Matt Chapman
In-universe information

What is Strong Bad email?

Strong Bad Email, frequently shortened to sbemail, was originally a small feature in which Strong Bad would answer a fan-sent email and commonly mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him.

Does Homestar Runner have arms?

From Homestar Runner Wiki One of the ultimate mysteries in the Homestar Runner body of work is that Homestar Runner, Marzipan, The King of Town, Homsar, and many other characters all lack visible arms and hands. In spite of this, they have the ability to pick up, carry, and manipulate objects at will.

Is Strong Bad Mexican?

He wrote: “Like South Park and Modern Toss, Strong Bad isn’t exactly beautiful to look at but he’s relentlessly funny,” and added, “Strong Bad is an animated Mexican wrestler and the undoubted star of surreal cartoon site Homestar Runner.”

Who invented Homestar Runner?

Mike Chapman Matt Chapman

Homestar Runner
Genre Surreal humor Satire Parody
Created by Mike Chapman Matt Chapman Craig Zobel
Written by Matt Chapman Mike Chapman
Voices of Matt Chapman Missy Palmer Mike Chapman

Why does Homestar Runner have no arms?

From Homestar Runner Wiki The most common explanations for this phenomenon are that they either have invisible arms or can manipulate objects with some kind of psychokinesis. Some suggest the latter over the former, as these characters’ articles of clothing rarely have sleeves where arms would normally be.