What is the book mossflower about?

What is the book mossflower about?

Mossflower: A Story of Redwall is a prequel to Brian Jacques’ bestseller Redwall. In this novel, Bella of Brockhall tells a young mouse the story of how Martin the Warrior saved Mossflower from the tyrannical rule of Tsarmina, Queen of a Thousand Eyes.

Is mossflower a prequel to Redwall?

Martin the Warrior
Mossflower/Preceded by

Mossflower is a prequel to the first book, “Redwall,” and while I would suggest reading Redwall first, it definitely stands alone, as do most of the books in the series. If nothing else, his descriptions of food WILL make you hungry.

How old is Matthias Redwall?

age 13
Matthias is also described as age 13.

What happens Redwall?

Redwall by Brian Jacques pits a horde of savage rats against the peace-loving mice of Redwall Abbey and the flock of woodland refugees whom the mice take in. Novice Matthias searches for the lost Sword of Martin the Warrior to save the day.

Is Moss based on Redwall?

There’s been the turned-based Game Of Thrones-meets-Redwall game Armello, the old-school RTS battle title Tooth And Tail, the Early Access (but already promising) stealth-action RPG Ghost Of A Tale, and the upcoming VR game Moss, which looks about as Redwall-ish as you can get without actually having the name.

Do the Redwall books need to be read in order?

No, you should not read Redwall in chronological order. It is strongly advised that you opt for publication order instead. Many books contain character and storyline references from previously published works, and part of the enjoyment is seeing those mysteries unfold.

Who has the rights to Redwall?

Netflix continues its quest to reanimate our childhoods by acquiring the rights to Brian Jacques’s Redwall book series. The streamer has plans for an animated feature film and TV series based on the children’s fantasy novels.

Is Redwall religious?

Is there religion in Redwall? No, there is not religion in Redwall, Redwall is not religious.