What is the Bell and Howell Electric Eye?

What is the Bell and Howell Electric Eye?

The Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 is an auto-exposure 4×4cm 127 film viewfinder camera made by Bell & Howell around 1958. It has a single fixed shutter speed and the aperture is controlled either by the selenium cell or by an aperture slider hidden under the nameplate below the lens.

How much is a Bell and Howell Autoload worth?

Bell & Howell: Autoload 340

Average Very good Mint
$1-5 $5-10 $10-20
Estimate value accuracy:

Does Bell & Howell make cameras?

Bell and Howell is a U.S.-based services organization and former manufacturer of cameras, lenses, and motion picture machinery, founded in 1907 by two projectionists, and was originally headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois….Bell & Howell.

8mm Movie Camera with Electric Eye
Type Limited liability company
Website www.bellhowell.net

What is electric eye camera?

An electric eye is a photodetector used for detecting obstruction of a light beam. An example is the door safety system used on garage door openers that use a light transmitter and receiver at the bottom of the door to prevent closing if there is any obstruction in the way that breaks the light beam.

Are 8mm projectors still made?

Regular-8mm is still made, even today.

How much are 8mm movies worth?

The most likely answer is that your 8mm film isn’t worth much of anything, barring any sentimental value. Honestly, the value in old videos isn’t really in how much money they’re worth; it’s about how much seeing the films is worth to you.

Is Bell and Howell a good brand?

Founded more than a century ago in 1907, the Bell and Howell brand is globally renowned for its high-quality flashlight production. They have built a solid reputation as one of the best flashlight brands in production today.

How do electric eye door openers work?