What is SAS PROC print?

What is SAS PROC print?

The Proc PRINT prints the observations in a SAS data set using all or some of the variables, It’s a reporting procedure, you can create some dynamic reports with the help of proc print, that could include groups the data and calculates totals and subtotals for numeric variables.

How do I print a value in SAS?

Program: Create a LISTING Report

  1. Set the SAS system options.
  2. Close the HTML destination and open the LISTING destination.
  3. Print the data set EXPREV.
  4. Select the variables to include in the report.
  5. Specify a title and a footnote.
  6. Close the LISTING destination and reopen the HTML destination.

How to print at upenn?

At the printing release station:

  1. Swipe your PENNcard or Penn Cash Card through the card reader to logon to the print system.
  2. Jobs are sorted by username.
  3. Click PRINT.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the password you chose when you sent the job.
  5. The job will print.

How do I save output proc print?

You can print the contents of any SAS data set to the SAS Output window and to a hardcopy device by using the PRINT procedure.

  1. Figure 26.1. PROC PRINT Output.
  2. Saving Data.
  3. =⇒ Open the DRUG data set.
  4. Figure 26.2.
  5. DRUG data.
  6. =⇒ Choose File:Save:Data.
  7. Figure 26.3. File:Save Menu.
  8. =⇒ Click OK to save the data.

What is noobs SAS?

“NOOBS – Suppress the column in the output that identifies each observation by number” “LABEL – Use variables’ labels as column headings”

What is the difference between Proc contents and proc print?

What does PROC PRINT and PROC CONTENTS do? PROC print outputs a listing of the values of some or all of the variables in a SAS data set. PROC contents tells the structure of the data set rather than the data values.

How do you format in SAS?

The PUT function converts a numeric variable, a character variable, or a constant by using any valid format and then returns the resulting character value. For example, the following statement converts the value of a numeric variable to a two-character hexadecimal representation: num=15; char=put(num,hex2.);

How do I add PennCash?

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