What is prescaler circuit?

What is prescaler circuit?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A prescaler is an electronic counting circuit used to reduce a high frequency electrical signal to a lower frequency by integer division.

How is prescaler value calculated?

Selecting a prescaler ratio of 1:128 gives the following interrupt period (with Fosc/4 or 4MHz/4 = 1MHz) and using the maximum overflow from Timer 0. This is the period of time for each count in Timer 0 i.e. This is the number of counts required after which the interrupt is generated.

What is prescaler in PLL?

Prescalers act as Frequency dividers in radio- and microwave-frequency translation and signal generation. Often, they are employed in phase-locked loops (PLLs) and frequency synthesizers to match the frequency of a high-frequency source to the frequency of a reference oscillator.

How do STM32 timers work?

Some of the STM32 timers feature up/down counting modes: the advanced control timers 1 and 8 and the general-purpose timers 2, 3, 4 and 5. The counting direction can be programmed by software or automatically managed by the timer in center-aligned PWM mode.

How does a prescaler work?

A prescaler divides down the clock signals used for the timer, giving reduced overflow rates. The rate can be set to a number of possible values. The exact values are chip-dependent; e.g., for the PIC16F877A values area a number of values are available ranging from 1:1 to 1:256.

What is the role of timer prescaler bits in atmega328p?

The Timer/Counter can be clocked internally, via the Prescaler, or by an external clock source on the T0 pin. The Clock Select logic block controls which clock source and edge the Timer/Counter uses to increment (or decrement) its value. The Timer/Counter is inactive when no clock source is selected.

How do you implement a timer in STM32?

Open STM32CubeIDE, start a new project, select your board (Nucleo-L476RG), and give your project a good name. In the CubeMX perspective, open Timers and select TIM16. Set the Prescaler (PSC) to 79. I’ll write “80 – 1” to show that a prescaler value of 79 actually means use a clock divider or 80.

What is the value of prescaler which should be used so that the timer has maximum time period?

2 Answers. Show activity on this post. You use a higher prescaler when the counter is otherwise not large enough for the period required. For example if you wanted a 10ms period, you would necessarily need to use a prescaler of at least 4 for a reload value of 50000.