What is OVS Ofctl?

What is OVS Ofctl?

The ovs-ofctl program is a command line tool for monitoring and administering OpenFlow switches. It can also show the current state of an OpenFlow switch, including features, configuration, and table entries.

What is Nw_proto?

nw_proto=proto ip_proto=proto When ip or dl_type=0x0800 is specified, matches IP protocol type proto, which is specified as a decimal number between 0 and 255, inclusive (e.g. 1 to match ICMP packets or 6 to match TCP pack‐ ets).

What is Mininet?

Mininet is a software emulator for prototyping a large network on a single machine. Mininet can be used to quickly create a realistic virtual network running actual kernel, switch and software application code on a personal computer.

What is OpenFlow port?

“OpenFlow ports are the network interfaces for passing packets between OpenFlow processing and the rest of the network. OpenFlow switches connect logically to each other via their OpenFlow ports…” There are three types of ports that an OpenFlow switch must support: physical ports, logical ports, and reserved ports.

How does OpenFlow protocol work?

OpenFlow is the standard southbound protocol used between the SDN controller and the switch. The SDN controller takes the information from the applications and converts them into flow entries, which are fed to the switch via OF. It can also be used for monitoring switch and port statistics in network management.

How do I determine OpenFlow version in Linux?

openflow appears to be provided by openvswitch-controller ; apt-cache policy openvswitch-controller should show you the version installed.

What is datapath in OVS?

Datapath is the forwarding plane of OVS. Initially, it is implemented as a kernel module, and kept as small as possible. That means, porting ovs to another OS or platform is simple (in concept): just porting or re-implement the kernel part to the target OS or platform.

What is Minenet?

Mininet is a network emulator which creates a network of virtual hosts, switches, controllers, and links. Mininet hosts run standard Linux network software, and its switches support OpenFlow for highly flexible custom routing and Software-Defined Networking.

Is OpenFlow an API?

OpenFlow is an open API. It provides a standard interface for programming the data plane switches. In terms of its overall structure, it has many similarities to the x86 instruction set for the networks.

What is OpenFlow protocol?


  • OpenFlow is a communications protocol that gives access to the forwarding plane of a network switch or router over the network.
  • OpenFlow enables network controllers to determine the path of network packets across a network of switches.