What is NEventStore?

What is NEventStore?

The NEventStore is a persistence library used to abstract different storage implementations when using event sourcing as storage mechanism. It targeted at DDD (Domain Driven Design) and CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) based applications.

Why EventStoreDB?

EventStoreDB allows us to send an ExpectedVersion , which will be used to manage the optimistic concurrency control. If the version matches data will be appended, if not then operation can be retried. Last step (5) is to distribute events to consumers interested in them.

Is Kafka good for event sourcing?

Kafka is not suitable for the actual event sourcing transactional side, due to needing a stream of events (topic) per domain aggregate (think millions). However, it is ideally suited to having events fed into it from e.g. GetEventStore.

What is EventDB?

EventDB takes the data from your filtered streams and stores it into a Postgres-like database using Amazon Redshift. You can then analyze the data using business intelligence tools like Tableau or query the data directly with your preferred SQL client tool. In this article: How it Works.

What is Kafka event streaming?

Event streaming is the digital equivalent of the human body’s central nervous system, and Kafka is the technology that powers this nervous system. It is the foundation for the ‘always-on’ world, where businesses are increasingly software-defined and automated, and where the user of software is more software.

What is the difference between event-driven and event sourcing?

Event Sourcing is about using events as the state. Event Driven Architecture is about using events to communicate between service boundaries.

Where is data stored when it is sent to EventDB or AudienceDB?

When AudienceDB is activated, a database is created in Amazon Redshift™ to store your AudienceStream data. The new database contains a table for each data type that it can store. Data associated with visit-level data is stored in tables prefixed with visit_ .