What is mucoadhesive film?

What is mucoadhesive film?

Mucoadhesive films are retentive dosage forms and release drug directly into a biological substrate. Furthermore, films have improved patient compliance due to their small size and reduced thickness, compared for example to lozenges and tablets.

How buccal films are formed?

The solvent casting method is widely preferred for the manufacture of buccal films. This process involves the following steps: Water soluble ingredients (polymers) are dissolved in water to form homogenous viscous solution. API and other excipients are dissolved in suitable solvent to form a clear viscous solution.

What is a buccal patch?

Buccal Patches are the type of drug formulation that has normally a different course of administration through the buccal mucosa for drug delivery. These patches tend to help drug enter directly the systemic circulation escaping hepatic first pass metabolism.

Which of the following substance is used as Mucoadhesive?

PAA and NaCMC possess excellent mucoadhesive characteristics due to the formation of strong hydrogen bonding interactions with mucin. Polycarbophil (Noveon) and Carbomers (Carbopol), PAA derivatives have been studied extensively as mucoadhesive platforms for drug delivery to the GI tract.

What is BELBUCA buccal film?

BELBUCA is a buccal film that works by sticking to the inside of your cheek, then completely dissolving, usually within 30 minutes after you apply it. Before applying BELBUCA, make sure the inside of your cheek is moist, using your tongue or by rinsing your mouth with water.

Is BELBUCA and Suboxone the same?

Belbuca (buprenorphine) and Suboxone both contain the same active medication, buprenorphine. Belbuca (buprenorphine) is a buccal film placed in the cheek that is used for pain, where as Suboxone is film or tablet placed under the tongue used for opioid dependence.

Which substance is used as mucoadhesive?

What are mucoadhesive agents?

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems are delivery systems which utilize the property of bioadhesion of certain polymers which become adhesive on hydration and hence can be used for targeting a drug to a particular region of the body for extended periods of time.